Sooooooooo... "Stab in the dark" guess but this is about modern day RnB?

Ok, the weird fact that with a lack of memory (apart of age, apart of “this”) I just can’t keep memories and I don’t half overthink things (probably more than I did before) so when I have a thought I actually write it on my Twitter feed and then “favourite it” so I can write about it the next time I’m free (or bothered). This weekend just gone I picked up a couple of them in particular (three but no better way to say three… “a few”… Sounds like more though). Well the first was when I went to ‘Rock of Ages‘ with my sister (only £10 a ticket and we were third row from the front and about five seats from the centre aisle) and I was quite surprised how good the show was for I’m not really one for the theatre or for musicals, but for this musical at the legendary Shaftsbury Theatre in particular was made special for I’d literally recommend it for anyone as yes I don’t like ‘X Factor‘ (no dislike for the “contestants” in particular, just the whole concept) and I won’t hide my distaste for it. Unfortunately they churn out “winners” and give them a year or two but it’s hard it see their “star” rise “any higher” then being crowned “winner” and so what is the point of it? I just have the feel that show their goal is to entertain the public for a Saturday Night but don’t people have karaoke in their local pub for that? As much as they seem to be treating their winners with a bit more shelf-life and seriousness it is the first batch of “winners” from Pop Idol/X Factor that seem to be the “one & done” artists… Which is a shame as to basically say that they are the fodder for a  television viewers Saturday Night entertainment and the station’s search for ratings. Shayne Ward “won” X Factor in its second series (a lot of Wikipedia here, like I know or care) and came out with ‘That’s My Goal‘ that Christmas (2005) but with that not a lot came out of his meteoric rise to “winner” and the record label ‘Syco‘ which is owned by Pop Idol co-creator and X Factor creator Simon Cowell for that is what the “winner” “won” for they signed him but let him go in early 2011. Not to say that acting in a theatre production is a step down mainly because it’s not, but the general public may disagree and it simply meant that this role could attract him which is probably for the best as I seriously couldn’t imagine anyone else as ‘Stacee Jaxx‘ (the male lead role) as Ward really did put in an amazing performance with charisma and there was something about him that made the role of Stacee more than convincing, simply put to say that everyone that put a hand into Rock of Ages from the work of the people that did lighting and the show’s stage runner need to be applauded. Did I mention that Justin Lee Collins was in it as well? What is the term everyone is saying at the moment thanks to Charlie Sheen? “Winning“.

They get a bunch of hopefuls and crap on their dreams for the public's entertainment... PROVE THAT STATEMENT WRONG!

As great as a performance everyone had put into the night, literally at the last song of the show an audience member started having an epileptic fit and most of the other people in the audience were more focused on this fit than the stage. Unless people in the audience were a doctor or in some way or form part of a medical team I don’t think anything could be done as no-one could do anything I think that saying they use for theatre production, “The show must go on” and nothing screamed more true as if I’m not helping what exactly am I doing and the sad fact is it’s shows like ‘Big Brother‘ and ‘X Factor‘ that unfortunately have put it in our heads it’s ok to “watch on”, I won’t say for entertainment as I’m 99.9% sure that no-one got amazement or entertainment from it, but to be able to watch that happen I couldn’t help but think no-one had a right to watch it but thanks to dross like those programmes people think they have a right to, “car crash” indeed as people know they shouldn’t but they do anyway and that’s quite a sad state of events in my opinion… Prove me wrong.