So.... Old skool NFC Central matchup!

I only ask because the weirdest thing happened as I rushed home after a nice time going to my sister’s flat in ‘Wallington‘ to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers, I don’t have an overwhelming belief that my countryfolk know that the NFL team I follow is the Green Bay Packers and that as of 21:33 on 20/11/2011 they are “10-0”, that means that they have played 10 regular season NFL games and are still undefeated. I don’t want to jinx them so I won’t brag or ponder too long on the quite blatant thought anyone has after some 8 or 9 games undefeated, the old slogan that I used to think was simply a cliché but this year in particular has taught me “to hell if it’s a cliché or not for it sounds so overly used BECAUSE it rings true much of the time, so to think otherwise towards a cliché as gospel is borderline ignorant”. So with a 10-0 season so far the Packers are the only team of 32 in total to remain undefeated in something that by no means is easy and is a testament of the amazing work that the Players, the Coaches, and the Front Office have made on and seriously superbly run NFL Franchise, so as a fan as much as I try not to be “the typical fan” I do have moments of “stupidity” but isn’t that unfortunately the way most “sports fans” are seen?

Soooooooooo... Heck of a game!

My moment of stupidity came when the Packers had to stop a resilient Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense from scoring as of the beginning of the 4th quarter the score was 21-13 Packers and if the “Bucs” scored all they needed to do was score on the “2-point conversion” and the score would be 21-21 with 13:07 left and “we had a game”. “The Bucs” scored the touchdown but come the “2 point conversion attempt” the pass that was intended for their tight-end Kellen Winslow II (drafted by the Browns in 2004 and not QUITE seen as an elite TE, but compared to 20 of 32 any NFL fan would want him in their fantasy football team) but with this pass he had a chance of catching it as it dropped harmlessly in the endzone and so with the score at 21-19 I couldn’t help but use the Packers hashtag during the game about the Buccaneers failure and just how good the Packers were that 2011 season. Then the unthinkable happened, Neil Reynolds and every Green Bay Packers fan’s “mancrush” Aaron Rodgers threw an interception on the following drive and so I repented but then the Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman threw one on that drive and so in came my reaction, so then I realised this and wrote as much that it shouldn’t be overlooked and so much so that I could only see that after something not TERRIBLE but do people notice that in laughing or making a snide comment something bad instantly happens? This is in fact normally overlooked and I just had to write something to say “I notice”, I’ll never laugh or make a snide comment on the worst but for example someone falling off of their seat at the dinner table and so the laugh from the specator afterwards the fact that say that spectator bites their tongue soon after, this really is a small thing but still.

This T-Shirt says it all!

This turned out to be a good game that I feel many Packers fans will not label a classic but a real scare “of the season” that beforehand may not have been seen as one. The Buccaneers unfortunately rocked by an IR level injury to their Full Back turned Running Back Ernest Graham (#2 on the depth chart) and that their QB/WR play in particular don’t seem to have grown on their 2010 season in which they finished 10-6 but STILL couldn’t make the playoffs (losing out in the NFC Playoff race to New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers (winners), Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears) so a lot was hyped up this was the year being a little bit older and a little bit wiser with not massive loss on either side of the ball), a season so promising a building block it provoked Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris to coin the term that their team was “Youngry” (a merger of the words “Young” and “Hungry”) and it is a shame that the injury happened in the trip to London and that “the Bucs” were forced to their 3rd option RB Kregg Lumpkin (former Green Bay Packers player by the way). To put it all down to the injury is unfair as Legarrette Blount was not seen as an option all game after being ruled as “out”, the defence has seen better days and so has that side’s special teams. All in all, so the Packers are 10-0, I learnt a lesson, and in watching Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight-end Kellen Winslow try to “hurdle” Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop in order to make the 1st down needed to continue the “Bucs” drive at the end of the game (though the game finished 35-26), his attempt failed as Bishop tackled him MID-AIR and that was the ball-game… Which Packers fan didn’t think “Bish Please“?