Why has my life ended? (RULE 1: Exaggerate EVERYTHING)

I’ve been ill with a cold recently but I know I have to keep this level of writing up as I constantly have thoughts in my mind and this blog is the best way I have to express those thoughts, but what I don’t have is the energy to write it down but I have to try and at least attempt to, this is my feeble attempt. All I know is exactly a week ago last year this all started and so it means I had to just have a moment for my own version of “remembrance day” if you will, thinking now that last Sunday was the ideal day to post a blog as I could write about the “remembrance day” and the meal that following Saturday with my friends in order to remember. Just for this blog lets carry on and forget the time it took me to publish this? In my defence I wrote for Sunday but I never had the energy to edit and post… Leeway? Anywho on the day (8/11/2011) as much as nothing happened mainly because I was ill, in bed feeling not up for much at all and made me feel even more tired thinking of doing anything,  to do my weekly shop and my trip to the GP’s in order to get my blood pressure done, this is my life now isn’t it?

It's nice to have "a break" for a while but then the wish for "PLEASE JUST GO AWAY".

I suppose it’s the “pass and parcel” fact of Winter in the UK, one of those “There are three things everyone can be assured of in life; death, taxes, catch a cold in winter” so as I said looking at the best of a bad situation and that’s to simply get this out of the way and this will only stand the test of time of “was this illness a good thing or a bad thing” I suppose for I did get around to doing something I’d been meaning to for some time, I finally got around to watching the film that I always said I should do mainly out of fear of missing out on “THE SPOILER TO THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT”, that film was ‘2012‘ and if “the end” is anything like is in that film the feel I had for surviving such a catastrophe only seemed to not say “give up” but think “why fight a losing battle?”, before all of this I felt like a 50/50 shot but now had me weighing myself as a 10/90… At a push. So ‘2012‘ on Tuesday but then ‘Deep Impact‘ on BBC One Friday night… Was this God displaying a message for me? Where’s my Tidal-wave or my Yellowstone Park?