When you have to admit that you love all of the work done by those people at the Metro newspaper and what they as a collective do as I do really love the reviews and insight that it produces to its blurry-eyed readers (not to ignore those night-shift workers trudging home). That newspaper gives unbias and quite insightful look at current affairs, world news, UK news, sports etc. But though each of these fields of interest can have a certain essence of “it doesn’t matter who the writer is for it’s the same vibe of this is the story, not many angles you can go with it” but with Television Review those angles of approach can change and even though it is not a bad thing readers can not deny the fact that they feel as if they can find a certain writer to agree with they can merely stick with them. The sad fact is that I have fallen out of love with television but I can’t say I don’t watch it any more for that is a lie, it’s not to say that there is nothing on to watch nowadays but to say that the chances of finding “must see television” is rapidly dwindling but this is the same way people see the music industry or the movie industry for they still have a base but if people look a bit deeper the chances of seeing a new and innovative product in that field is the equivalent of finding a diamond in the rough. Because the view of a Television Reviewer can be very unique compared to the next writer all I can hope for is that I write each review from my rather “kooky” perspective and that as a reader people can see it as well and maybe get a laugh from it or a fresh perspective. Like I said before if this is for the long haul or not just ever so grateful to contribute to something that is quite often overlooked in that weekday morning.