So let me get this straight, we're in 2011? GET OUTTA TOWN!

It’s a shame that there is more talk of racism in football and that there is such thing as a black tie event called “The Black List” to promote Black people in football or a campaign called “Let’s Kick Racism Out Of Football” but whenever the original Star Trek aired and opened with “space, the final frontier” as a supporter I can’t help but think the same about football. I’m not trying to slander it or give it a bad name but simply inform readers of this blog how exactly I see football “the world is 21 years old but football is 12”. Don’t get me wrong as I still watch football and some of the things I can watch a professional footballer do in it is amazing and the kind of history & accomplishments a football team can churn out are better than amazing and of course the way football is a universal language of the world is even better than any word in the English language as to communicate to a complete stranger at a party or even the otherside of the world is just unheard of. But to say children should model their lives after a footballer and that they should “live the life” but reality says something else for them, children really should have the people in their day-to-day lives as their role model and not someone that doesn’t even know of their existence.

When it has to be made into a billboard? *SMH - Shaking My Head*

So the talk of racism seems “an oldie but a goodie” as its been said before but like the sexism of female commentators and linespeople or homophobia this is but further evidence that football is still in the “dark ages” and that as much as fans may want to see the sport as clean with no problem it is the sad fact that this keeps cropping up and that even though The Sunday Mirror has come out with a picture and comment of the insight about the racism shout before the John Terry incident, Liverpool fans still scream Luis Suarez’s innocence but surely the handball in the 2010 World Cup quarter final vs. Ghana was already enough proof of character? Are football fans the equivalent of Pauline Fowler from Eastenders? “My Martin wouldn’t do that” but that’s another thing that I can’t hate about football, “innocent until proven guilty”.