Terry vs. Ferdinand, Anton... RIO SHOULD MERK HIM!

It’s the story only after the story last week! So much so that Caught Offside (really good link site for breaking football rumours) had an amazing link about this whole situation on their Facebook account and it was “Is FA Investigation Into Racial Abuse Claims The End For John Terry?” The post the seriously riled me up was from someone called ‘Maximilien Godec’ and he posted with “Clearly not… especially since it never happened, how can Antonio come into our dressing room after the game having a laugh with our lads then come out with this, besides about 8 of Chelsea’s starting 11 are black… F***ing idiots”.  So I replied with “Yep… Because 8 out of Chelsea’s starting 11 are black it means Terry COULDN’T OF SAID WHAT HE SAID! *sarcasm detected* Don’t get me wrong John Terry may not hate on a certain race but he’s the worst kinda person, he uses racial slur not on a race but an individual! Maximilien I’m not trying to start a war of words but to question you as just because you’re a captain of a team of black people doesn’t mean you never said what was allegedly said! EVEN A WHITE FAN WAS WITNESS! *apparently*” , to relate things I’d say in cricket they call it “sledging” and this act really is one that to itself sounds evil and wrong but if people rule it out completely they need to rule out the things stand up comics can talk about as well etc.

"You've been talking smack about my brother I'LL MERK YA BLAD!"

I don’t agree with Frankie Boyle’s standup but I wouldn’t tell him to stop certain bits of his stand up or to stop it completely for it makes SOMEONE laugh and like the alleged words to Anton Ferdinand “this” met a purpose as wrong as it was it still aimed to meet a purpose. As it stands everything seems to be from John Terry so could it be that Anton Ferdinand has already forgotten about it and as a younger brother to Rio Ferdinand (only played some “how many” International matches alongside each other as England’s #1 & #2 Centre Back partnership) as yes its deplorable but it was to put Anton Ferdinand off of his game or was it to voice frustration at losing 1-0, I don’t condone the act but I won’t label Terry a racist, he is a stupid “man” that doesn’t have morals but he’s definitely NOT a racist! *Johnnie Cochran out*