I’ve only been to Wembley Stadium for American Football… Sensing it’s a “White Elephant”

I’m getting a feel that as nice as it sounds it really isn’t what I or many fans of the NFL want as all this talk of a British based NFL Franchise has been the talk for a number of years now ever since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell started the idea of the NFL: International Series. I have the belief that I can’t say I hate the idea of the Premier League hosting matches abroad as that is exactly what the NFL has done with their organisation and that team’s players so if I had such selfishness I wouldn’t have been to two NFL: International Series games (Broncos @ 49ers & Bears @ Buccaneers) and so I can’t say a word. With the league saying that they want to bring a UK-based team but what about fans of current NFL team’s meant to do? I’ve loved the Green Bay Packers for nearly 15  years now so to think all that love can stop and I can shift that appreciation to the London Bulldogs (examples sake for I seriously couldn’t begin to fathom a name for this franchise). In a tug-of-war battle between my past/present-future I think I’ll go for my past/present personally as they can’t expect me to switch off my love and appreciation like a tap can they? Do they think British people are Jacksonville, Florida or Houston, Texas and that all that place needs is a team to call their own?

It seemed more like a Bears home game than it could ever try to be a Buccaneers one. But the Bucs were the “home team”, damn 1986!

As much as I love the idea I think it’s the fact, possibility, and likelihood all seem too far fetched and thinking the stumbling blocks are more than Roger Goodell is leading on with as even if it is possible the thought that is too much hassle and what are fans of existing NFL teams meant to do? All I can think of when talk of a British-based NFL franchise is when ‘Star Wars: Phantom Menace‘ came out and a feel that to a new viewer it all seems ok and like a natural evolution of a quite classic story but to the viewers that grew up before Phantom Menace and knew about Star Wars before it’s release Phantom Menace it seems like a joke… A black person in Poland around 1939 level joke. No disrespect to those that watch Star Wars: Phantom Menace with ease but for me I can’t do it as it feels like it has ruined the illusion of the Star Wars universe I had in my mind as it all just seems like a sorry excuse to make money from merchandising as it all seems transparent. I wish I was born or grew up after 1999 as I could enjoy it the way people should but as it stands I simply think Hayden Christiansen means well but as an actor it just seems to be a stretch too far for he is too wooden for my liking.

More Bears jerseys than I ever saw Buccaneers ones… Not “Youngry” enough then?

Well all I know is as a British NFL following man from Britain I don’t want a  British-based NFL franchise and such talk is actually rather annoying and quite bad. Now the talk of more NFL action on these fair shores up until at least 2016 is a better news story to this NFL fan, just hope one of those teams is the current World Champion Green Bay Packers, Neil Reynolds said he had a “Man Crush” for Aaron Rodgers on the ‘NFLUK: Inside The Huddle Podcast‘, I think I second that Man Crush.