If you didn’t already know I prefer American Football to Football as maybe it’s the diving or the mercenary tactics of a player trying to levy a move away from the club they’re contracted to OR the fear for your life a supporter gets every Saturday (But in recent time it means that it could be a Sunday or a Monday or as the season gets older a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and don’t get me started on the early 12:45pm or the late 5:30pm or 8pm kickoff). I know American Football isn’t perfect or the fact that it doesn’t have a better criminal record BUT to me knowledge of the sport is new and I really am “on the outside looking in” and from this vantage point it is a lot better for me to see the bigger picture and appreciate a team for their skill and talent. Another nugget of information for if you didn’t already know is that the league has a yearly game at Wembley Stadium called the NFL International Series where two teams out of the thirty-two in the league are selected to play a regular season game (unlike the 90’s now-defunct development league to the NFL called World League of American Football (WLAF)/ NFL Europe/NFL Europa) that in past years since 2007 (2005 doesn’t count, that was in New Mexico) have brought over some real “certain level teams” but to be fair they aren’t the best but they’re not the worst and it was only the following year did the NFL seem to take selecting the teams a bit more seriously for seriously no disrespect to the New York Giants organisation or their fans (and that goes for the Miami Dolphins as well) but those teams in 2007 just simply were not seen as playoff calibre but to keep in mind that hindsight is a beautiful thing no-one could have predicted the Giants to make the playoffs and as the 6th best team in the NFC make the Super Bowl and beat the undefeated New England Patriots. The general feel for the International Series is that the NFL brings over two teams and as much as the league says that these teams have some level of history to England in some way but to be honest this “Packer Backer” (Packers Fan) doesn’t see the appeal and even if the NFL doesn’t send over two legitimate Super Bowl contenders it does send over at least ONE possibility. Well this year’s International Series is the Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (that’s another thing, the “home team” in this case is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bar a bunch of flags presented to fans once you get there can they REALLY be seen as the “home team”, neutral ground if I ever saw it) all the same these games are announced in April meaning two months after the Super Bowl and five months before the start of the new season so who would have thought the Chicago Bears (3-3) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) would have been selected? So to say the NFL choose their representatives on skill is a lie as at the time the Bears finished the season 11-5 (but they did go on to the NFC Championship game) and the “Bucs” finished 10-6 (but they missed out on a Wildcard spot so what can I say?). Slowly but surely the NFL are starting to insert serious teams but these teams still don’t seem to have “standout players” and as a Packers fan here comes the logic…

Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Pro Bowl DT) vs. Mike Sherman (Green Bay Packers - GM/HC) I THINK I know who my money's on!

Between 1977-2001 the NFL had a division called the NFC Central with much of the same make-up as the current NFC North and those years seemed to only cement the rivalry built up between the Packers and the Buccaneers before the “Bucs” were moved to the NFC South in 2002 and the rivalry was forgotten (by most). So now the focus is on the #1 & #2 oldest teams in the league are the Packers/Bears so still how I had to agree with the opening line to that article about Packers/Bucs as it was only in going to visit my friend Dan when I was 17 and in playing Madden 05 did I see that EA Sports put down the Buccaneers as a rival game with “my” Packers, I never understood why until I did a bit of online research did I read about it but all the same the league chose these two teams and the feel that as much as the American Football rivalry isn’t violent (bar the stupidity that was the “California Roll” – I made it up, I’m funny) for the spectator so for me to wear my 2010 Pro Bowl A-Rod jersey in a game that could still see the Packers as a rival but it’s “all good” and I’ll most likely see-out life until my 26th birthday on the 27th February… HURRAH!

I THINK I'll go for the Buccaneers but lets be honest, not there for the game >.<

So the dilemma is on for who I support for this game in a game that seems to allow NFL fans of other teams for they don’t have to be a supporter of either team playing as the sea of different jersey’s is seriously amazing I don’t think any other sporting occasion would have that on display. I think I’ll go for the Buccaneers as they’re not in the same division as the Packers, they’re young & hungry (“youngry” a la my love for Manchester United since 1993), and the team has a Black head coach & quarterback tandem (Oh my goodness I was joking, bad joke but still) all I know is everyone in the NFL likens Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler to ex-Packers turned Jets turned Vikings QB Brett Favre… WHERE DO I SIGN FOR MY LIFELONG PASS TO BUCCANEERS GAMES? (p.s. Drop some information on you, Manchester United & Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the same owner… Mr Malcolm Irving Glazer).