We all suffer it from time to time... Sucks dunnit?

The sad facts that may attribute to a programme’s cancellation or may arise after said television programme is cancelled… Number one is “That initial run on television may not have amazing figures but it’s a clever programme!”, number two is that “Clever isn’t easily found on television at the moment as programmes tend to be cheap, affordable, and almost needs to be seen as a ratings magnet“, number three is “After a program gets cancelled the clever viewers that choose to watch it tend to start an online petition (Dedication as petitions TEND to do nothing)”, number four is “THEN THERE’S the petition to make a DVD available for the ONE SERIES it had on television! (Mega cop out when on the DVD it says “Complete Series”)”. Prove me wrong that these four things don’t normally happen? In my mind the best example of this is ‘Firefly‘ as it is very hard to hear from someone that is into Sci-Fi (doesn’t have to be in love with Sci-Fi and be a “Trekkie” and this is what I love most about Firefly.  People can watch it but not be labelled a “geek” so therefore is another reason that make’s it hard) to not like the programme, either way Firefly was cancelled after only one series/season so no better example to use but I suppose ‘Arrested Development‘ is another but for my blog’s sake lets stick with ‘Firefly’ ey? In laymans terms ‘Firefly’ a programme set in the year 2517 about how a “patchwork quilt” crew of people on a spaceship of the Firefly class called ‘Serenity’ cope with the day-to-day of being “Space Pirates” with a conscience. To go a bit deeper the viewer SHOULD have contempt for piracy as well as some of the things associated with pirates but a la Dexter Morgan or Michael Scofield as bad a profession the characters find themselves in and how it may not be a likeable one, their prey and their reasoning may be a just one.

Sooooooooooo... We love a serial killer? Interesting! How again?

Dexter Morgan a man that works for the Miami-Metro Police Department as a Forensic Blood Splatter Analyst and is dating a cute but with issues woman with her two kids from a previous marriage (as rocky and disruptive as it was) and they live in suburbia and everything seems normal… So it seems. When Dexter was 3 years old his drug-using mother was murdered by 3 drug dealers with Dexter baring witness to the whole thing and when they were finally found in a shipping container Dexter was sitting in a pool of  his mothers blood he was adopted by Harry Morgan the police officer that discovered him. He raising him as if his own even after such a traumatic event and it was working except for the one pivotal aspect that Dexter even though only 3 years old grew up with a “blood lust” so Harry taught Dexter to kill only those that deserved to be killed as yes murder is wrong but with a blood lust and with an option it was best to target those that “the system” couldn’t so with paedophiles, rapists, and killers falling through “the net” Dexter Morgan took it on for himself to serve justice (a sort of vigilante).

A "well to do" man deliberately gets himself arrested to break his wrongly accused petty-criminal brother "out of the joint"? OF COURSE, DOI!

Michael Scofield one of two children (the other is his brother Lincoln Burrows) of Aldo Burrows (a shady Operative for “The Company“) and Christina Rose Scofield (a mother trying to do the best for her children with an absent father) had to try and start a life without a mum as she suffered a brain aneurysm and so as the kids went into Foster Care Lincoln basically tried to do the best job for his brother and became his legal guardian and in trying to do the best for Michael fell into a life of crime and shielded Michael from it all in order for him to live a better life with him going to college (university) and obtaining a solid and respectable job (structural engineer at the fictional architectural firm ‘Middleton, Maxwell & Schaum’). Lincoln Burrows gets wrongfully accused of murdering the Vice President’s brother and the evidence in the court case seemed to overwhelmingly say he did it and this only seemed to highlight the suspicion of a conspiracy and wrong-doing. Michael seeing this walks into a bank with a loaded gun and with no malice on the workers or the bank itself all in order to deliberately get arrested all in order to break an innocent Lincoln Burrows out of prison (hence the name of the show “Prison Break”). The following series documented why Lincoln was used as a “Patsy” and how what seemed like a straight forward prison break (if there is such thing) only seemed to include more prisoners (all anti-heroes except for one, an inmate that goes by the name of “T-Bag“… Nuff said) and how these inmates found themselves in Fox-River and how they plan on breaking out and how they plan on spending their lives after they break out.

These programmes (Dexter & Prison Break) seem a rare double that advocate “the bad guy actions” but these actions are necessary for “the greater good”. Firefly notoriously kn0wn for it’s “pirate actions” but with a “Robin Hood” nobility to it.