Whatta game to drop James Jones (#4 WR) from my Fantasy Team... FAIL!

It’s a weird one because I have a strong love for American Football but not enough to pay some £30 a month contract for Sky Sports for it’s £30 for TV, Broadband, and Phone as it is for our family and it’s not like we’re rolling in money but it’s not like we’re at the bottom rung of the ladder it is the simple fact that there are other ways that money could be spent and such things as a monthly subscription probably is not the best. So with the terrestrial options limited to only Channel 4 at 1am and yes they did for a while introduce a 4OD service so I didn’t have to stay up until “stupid o’clock” to watch these games and as much as I don’t have a job per-say all of those people that know me know that I’m treating the book like a job for I need some level of meaning as otherwise I’m not living for anything and that is a dangerous path to go down and one I’am trying to avoid so this book is giving me a bit of that purpose, yes I have been known to watch a DVD or play a Playstation 3 game but who says “live each day colouring inside the lines”? I’m at 67 pages which I think was awesome but I think in my jokey fashion my friend Tom said “Not 100?”… Support! With the NFL on Sky Sports (Sunday: 6pm & 9pm) & ESPN (Monday: 1am) unless a really good game is on Channel 4 television I’ve been known to stay up until 1am and watch (with the odd use of 4OD though this form of watching has recently been removed recently but I hope it returns in the near future) but luckily we have Sky+ so to just record the night’s game. With this being the only way I have to watch the game (a game where a team is not #1 for long unlike Manchester United which was nice for a while but is just boring now) it is quite a big deal when the chemistry inside the studio is not quite… “There” but to be a supporter it’s not always the chemistry for it could be the knowledge of the sport and the way it is presented to the viewer for as much as this can be seen as quite an oblivious thing I notice it and hopefully other viewers do too.

"Channel 4 NFL: American Football Live" TAKE ONE!

Last year Channel 4 had the UK studio team of Gary Imlach (Tour de France coverage for ITV) and Michael Carlson (a former analyst for the ‘NFL on Five’ coverage with Nat Coombs the comedian/writer/presenter who alongside comedian/writer Dan Louw present the amazingly funny and insightful Americarnage podcast) but the general “flack” Gary Imlach had was “as much as I grew up watching you in the 80’s UK coverage of the NFL and as insightful as you are try and crack a smile” this besides other things I’m sure in the contract this team of Carlson & Imlach only lasted one NFL season and so for “Part Deux” of Channel 4’s Sunday Night Football (SNF) coverage was talkSPORT sports presenter Danny Kelly that granted was a surprising choice but as much as talk on Twitter was quite damning in a very speedy fashion as if to say “I’m not going to give this guy a chance” but I was brought up to “give the benefit of the doubt”. I think it’s fast becoming a real stretch in the modern world and although it seems “taboo” to mention it in a way of vindicating someone but I’m trying to be a realist and I’ll use this blog to speak my mind and that means that in being brought up the way that I have and the minimal flack (2 or 3 times tops, lucky me) for being black meant that to be prejudice was plain stupid and to simply say “I don’t like him” is not enough and it is how I’ve always lived as I ALWAYS give a “Three Strike Rule” and I think it works as people are being too short too quickly without giving the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for Danny Kelly at the beginning it seriously was a case of “find a chemistry with your analyst” and with Mike Carlson being “a man of many words but there IS sense in the mist” it took time to find this chemistry and I seriously applaud them for it is never an easy thing to do. With Danny Kelly he knows the situations that arise in the game but some of the terminologies that for the sport of Football (soccer) are fine but when talking about American Football it is just weird as I think the mark of a great studio host is that I forget that they are there presenting unless it is half-time and even though in Football this may seem hard to grasp but in American Football because of the high volume of American ad breaks (they have a “Television Timeout” for goodness sake!) because the British sports viewer may not like the high volume it is not surprising for the broadcaster to employ a studio host & analyst and then for the broadcaster to cut to the studio while in America they have cut to a commercial break but this is the same problem that turns so many British people away from this sport as the sheer amount of adverts is enough for anyone but what a handful of British people (myself included) do effortlessly is look past the adverts and look at the action on the field and simply not understand fellow Brits that slam it. To read on the Twitter hashtag for Channel 4’s coverage of SNF (#C4NFL) people say “This presenter, horrific viewing. The drone they had last year was more tolerable.” and that’s a nice one as some of the comments on that hashtag condemning Danny Kelly can get quite harsh and enough so that I refuse to hyperlink some of the comments. I read this tweet and it seemed to ring ever so true to how I feel and that yes Danny Kelly lost at my “Three Strike Rule” but not for anything worse than this and I simply tried to look past it but the way he was “too English” with “AIR-ron Rodgers”, “Atlanta FALLcons”, and “JU-lio Jones” simply put all of what I thought and that it was far too easy to be mean but that’s not why I watch the Channel 4’s coverage of the NFL and as much as a knowledgeable Mike Carlson is not next to a host that has all of the knowledge and the terminologies down to a T but that as a viewer people can’t ignore the effort and for Channel 4 to pick him must mean that they saw something and unlike how they acted with Ortis Deley at the World Athletics Championships the broadcaster needs to stick by its guns as anything else is a form of “peer pressure” and that was a heinous act to say the least as they MUSTA saw SOMETHING so to yank them just says “we thought it was easier to yank them than it was to push them into the right direction”.

Don’t parents teach their children to not be hypocrites and to stick by what they believe in? Correct me if I’m wrong!