Sure it's an annual thing but it's done with a touch of "new"!

As all the people that know me know that I’ve “substituted” my love for Football for a love for American Football and all of you lovely people that know me know that I’ve been feeling this way for sometime now but what you may NOT know is that the story of the 2010 Green Bay Packers was documented for an NFL Films annual production called ‘America’s Game‘ in which the story of that year’s Superbowl Champions is documented about as the NFL Films production team asks for three or so members of that year’s winning organisation to comment on their season and for a famous celebrity such as Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck or Alec Baldwin to narrate their season alongside them. The way it is filmed and the way that they specialise to the opinions of only three or so members (of a 53 players roster and a coaching staff of 15 or so) but that three or so normally being the Head Coach, the MVP for that winning team and “the guy on the otherside of the ball from the Superbowl MVP” (so if the MVP was on Offense, then the guy will be on Defense and vice-versa). The way it’s shot and how they document a season is amazing as it can be watched by a viewer that doesn’t have to be a “Die-Hard” NFL fan and it documented a whole footballing season in as little as 1 hour but a viewer has to realise that a season is 16 regular season games, a “bye week” and then (for 4 teams in particular 4 post season games as with the Wildcard Round afterall but otherwise) 3 post-season games all of this documented in one hour… ONE HOUR! (but in actuality take away the odd 15 minutes for advert breaks and so really it’s 45 minutes).  Watching this 2010 season for that 1 hour is the must-do for anyone that has it because now better simile for the shhh I’ve been through this year and no better way to identify that shhh with as Aaron Rodgers (besides my parents, corny but meh) is a great influence in my life!