That awkward moment when your love for football since when you were a child OFFICIALLY dies but like ‘Big Brother‘, ‘X Factor‘, Eastenders‘ or then again (I’m not Southern bias) ‘Coronation Street‘ you still watch it for maybe Premier League football has become car crash television? We all know the name Carlos Tevez right? I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard the name as I refuse to watch X Factor but I know Matt Cardle won and that he did a cover of Biffy Clyro‘s ‘Many of Horrors‘ called ‘When We Collide‘. I remember vividly because all “this” happened when I was in hospital but after much lobbying to be able to go home for the day… CHRISTMAS DAY finally West Middlesex University Hospital allowed it and my goodness huzzah? So on the journey from the hospital to my mum and dad’s house on the car radio that song was all I could hear I knew the song but not the singer but I’m sure all of us have been there but it really didn’t mean too much to me as I didn’t feel obligated to drop everything and pursue the song. The sad fact being a patient in hospital means… *anyone-anyone*… HOSPITAL RADIO and one night they played the song and they said “Matt Cardle” and all I could think was “I’ve heard that name before” so I asked the bed over and it turned out to be that year’s X Factor winner. No shade of a lie but that feeling people can only assume people get when they meet a fit-as person at a house party… Turns out to be a cousin you never knew you had but a first cousin meaning exactly… Blood oath of secrecy! This has never happened to me but a person can only empathise but another good reference to this situation would be the film Eurotrip. I digress and it’s made even worse as when I was in the Wolfson initial tests said I do that and I acted surprised by news of it but I don’t know why I do that but that is “how I roll” and my friend even said it about me also for when we’re talking about nothing like friends do. My point is people SHOULD know the name Carlos Tevez and with that name comes an Argentinian footballer that as gifted he is as a footballer is quite detestable as a human being as from three years at Boca Juniors (2001-2004) (The club that bought us Diego Maradona yes THAT Maradona) where he won the 2oo3/04 Argentine Primera División (Argentina’s Premier League)2003 Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League), 2003 Intercontinental Cup (South American vs. European Super Cup) (To my dismay nothing to do with the WWE Intercontinental Championship) and the 2004 Copa Sudamericana (South American UEFA Cup/Europa League). Then Tevez transferred to Corinthians (2004-2006) where the team ended up winning the 2005 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (Brasilian Premier League) and these achievements from 2001-2006 were enough to warrant a DEVASTATINGLY SURPRISING move to West Ham United in August 2006 the move that if beforehand you’d heard of “Tevez” you are a real football fan and not just a club in particular but a fan of the whole sport wherever it is in the world as I’ll be honest I’d never heard of him or Mascherano. This was the move that started a legal wrangling as Sheffield United got relegated from the Premier League and the talk of Tevez and Mascherano being “Third-Party Owned” when it’s illegal in British football so Sheffield United argued the relegation (even lifelong Blades fan actor Sean Bean got involved) but it was upheld and West Ham United had to pay a fine of  £5.5 million but eventually Tevez moved to Manchester United in August ’07 (and Mascherano to Liverpool initially on loan in August ’07 but sealed permanently in February ’08). This when I really started get to get interested, Manchester United supporter since 7 years old so as much as I had “picked up” his performances at West Ham United now it mattered as for a club of “a certain level” or four over West Ham United as no disrespect but Manchester United as perennial Champions League contenders, perennial Premier League contenders, perennially linked to the World Class players. West Ham a great club in their own right with a more than stellar youth academy something that even as a Manchester United fan I’m envious of as that academy is of an “Ajax calibre“. The fact Tevez became possibly the third name on the strikers position team sheet only behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney but personally I found it debatable as Tevez proved himself to me as the second best strike option after Ronaldo, but like I said personally as I’m but one supporter. Soon enough Tevez was seen as “an impact sub” (a footballer that starts on the substitute bench but is seen as a “fresh pair of legs” that will more than likely nick your team a goal when your team needs one) and he as well as a number of fans disagreed with the apparent rating Sir Alex Ferguson labelled him with and so Tevez did what to the average football fan saw as the impossible or the mark of a traitor for he transferred (on a free transfer no less) to Manchester City. An act that to the average football supporter is heinous as to transfer to a city rival like when Sol Campbell moved on a free transfer to Arsenal from Tottenham Hotspur or Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid (not the same city but still that level of rivalry) is seen as “the ultimate slap in the face” to the team that player has left, but I’m a new-age football supporter for I take into account the level of the team that player is leaving for and with it the money they’ll earn and with that money comes a style of living and only ever so rarely will a modern-day footballer take “club rivalry” into account as the sad fact is money talks. With no “old skool loyalty” Tevez moved to Manchester City in July ’09 in a move many United fans just couldn’t fathom but at Manchester City he was seen as THE MAN and it was a position that after the bad time that was Robinho at City was very good for the player and the club as they needed that striker that reflected the club’s ambition from a club that only in 1998-99 were in the old Division 2 (now named League 1, the third tier of “League Football”, City won the playoffs that year to be promoted but still) Tevez was the beacon of their ambition as for Manchester City to poach a Manchester United player as that is quite a thing for any team in world football to do as the feel is that becoming a former Manchester United player “the only way is down as the next team is nothing like it as only rarely will a Manchester United player leave before his prime”. Be the case or not Tevez’ move brought about a VERY infamous billboard and with the move Tevez was the main man and it showed in his football but then the problems surfaced as only 18 months after the move he came out and said that his relationship with “certain executives at the club had broken down beyond repair” and then the really damning comments he made when he was on a summer break back in Argentina saying that he would “never return to Manchester” and it all just seemed to get worse as the club took away the captaincy he obtained originally from his move from United.

I have milk in the fridge older than the 18 months it took Tevez to roger "it" all up!

And then I think the worst of the worst (if true) he refused to be subbed on from the bench vs. Bayern Munich in the club’s second Champions League match but the sad fact is last season the club relied on Carlos Tevez but since the arrivals of Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero that has opened up the play for Edin Dzeko as he has transformed from the player City bought for £27mil in January ’11. All of these factors and more seem to spell the end for Carlos Tevez as but before the end of the Brazilian transfer window closed a supposed move back to Corinthians for £40mil fell through and so until January ’12 at least the fans, the board, the management, the squad, the team have to put up with a player much like most footballers this day and age are no idols or role models they are Mercenaries, I don’t like Graeme Souness but I was nodding along with everything he said… Bad Apple indeed, the person in the street thinks badly of the modern-day footballer and Tevez IS the epitome of the modern-day footballer (I know Souness didn’t say “person” but it is the 21st Century afterall and I follow a female Manchester United fan on Twitter and she’s as passionate as any man I have EVER come across in my life).

I think the crowning moment that said “Carlos Tevez, we don’t want you anymore” is this… Golden! p.s. Just as I finished writing this you hear that Tevez has been suspended from Manchester City for a maximum two-weeks, very interesting!