APPETISER: Mercenary City vs. Everton (Sat 24th), and then the MAIN COURSE: Packers @ Bears (Sun 25th)... SUE ME!

That moment when you’re enjoying Sky Sports’ impromptu spin of a free weekend’s viewing of their 4 “main channels” or is it 4 or 5 as do they include Sky Sports News in the bundle of free as well? Not too fussed to be honest I even more honest than that I doubt I really care as Sky Sports News on a standard box television is horrible, not quite zombie attack horrible but not at all bearable as all I could long for was widescreen as on a channel like Sky Sports News you need every edge of the screen as with their box scores and information on a standard box it cuts off and that means that news is instantly made irrelevant! I’ve digressed again from my point, I enjoyed the appetiser that was Manchester City vs. Everton with thoughts of my main course being Packers @ Bears in the NFL Week 3 matchup but I used that City vs. Everton match as a way to spend time with my dad and talk about the transfer it seems everyone has seemed to have forgotten about… Joleon Lescott for Sylvain Distin & Cash. How much Mercenary City utilise Lescott but then how much do Everton use Sylvain Distin? I THINK Everton won a la Cesc Fabregas or Samir Nasri “once they wanna go you have to let them go as they need to put in 100% or nothing”. I watched this cruddy match and it was a cruddy match until *Untakes eye test* Mario Balotelli came on and changed the dynamic of the match for City with it came the 3 points, before that they were the typical Arsenal as they “had all the possession but until they score it means nothing” but the Balotelli substitution pushed City over the edge and a wall that was Everton’s defending finally went down and that wasn’t until 68 minutes… Take note of that!

Free or not (it's not) allow 'Sky Sports News' on this television!

So that match finished at 1:30pm (ish) so in came the “‘I’ll play Playstation for a bit” and with it came a “I’ll look at the football matches at 3pm there’s normally one at 3pm” but there wasn’t and with it came a feel that if you’re English you just couldn’t understand and with it came a need of a double-take as no 3pm kick-off was televised but to see through the internet that people in other countries and continents could watch Arsenal vs. Bolton, Chelsea vs. Swansea, Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton, Newcastle vs. Blackburn, Wigan vs. Tottenham, West Brom vs. Fulham now don’t get me wrong I love the idea of football being an international game as how can I say “hands off” to foreigners but then personally plan to embrace the NFL International Series game once a year? I couldn’t so I don’t. To just know that some guy or girl in Malaysia (I’m sure there are other countries but Malaysia for example-sake) can catch one of these matches before anyone in the country where they’re playing in, I had a gripe about this last season but I didn’t put my foot forward to actually comment or blog about it but I’am now. I know of people that watch things online as they don’t have the channel or it’s just not available in this country, as much as I don’t condone it you can’t sympathise with television executives as seriously to be able to catch a match that I’m sure many others in your country doesn’t like. Well tomorrow/later I’m thinking F1 and this NFL game… Sounds the plan, the golden plan, the plan of dreams… Better to get there sooner. Been on this for an hour now… Uhoh!