Like 'Eastenders' but not like 'Eastenders' everybody is talking about it!

The new ‘Facebook Timeline’ that has Tweeters on Twitter to deem it a Top Trend (TT) status, this being when a term is used so often over the last hour or so that Twitter groups all of the comments using this one term together so all a new user will have to do is click on one of the ten or so terms in this list of “TT’s” to see what’s got Twitter talking recently.

As it stands it’s (in no particular order):

I have another "F" for them... FLAMINGO!

I digress, the same ‘Facebook Timeline’ that has got people poking fun as the current trajectory of it as the corporation don’t seem to have learnt from someone else’s past mistakes, I may be getting ahead of myself as it’s optional at the moment (though they have already changed a couple of aspects) but to think this option will more than likely be mandatory soon enough and that means add this ‘Facebook Timeline’ to the list, the endless list, of features and specifications that NO-ONE ASKED FOR! I’ve used the “Facebook is Mickey Rourke” metaphor myself but as we all know my similes and point of view is tough to grasp so this one I read seemed to pretty much say what I mean but in a way to seemed easier for people to grasp and all these “face-lifts” are doing something that no-one is asking for with them only screaming out how insecure Facebook is as a company as Google+ became public on Tuesday and coincidentally this Facebook Timeline malarkey… Hmm. I was on Google+ beta about three months ago… Just saying >.< try adding me! Well long story short I think Facebook is acting like a bulimia sufferer and though it thinks it is doing itself a world of good it’s not, in the thoughts that it is doing this to look new and inventive it’s not. Eventually the whole feel Popeye exclaimed once an episode will come up and we the user will think “Facebook what?” we’ll barely of remembered the name if it wasn’t of ‘The Social Network‘ still need to see that by the way, a sign of Facebook’s stranglehold loosening?