I hope too much no?

I’m honestly going to try something new as from when I started this blog I said I would write this in the same fashion I speak but the way I speak is not necessarily easy to understand let alone read and the realisation I’ve had this weekend is “treat it like you’re on the outside looking in”. I had an epiphany that I have to write “*sarcasm detected*” as sarcasm online is very hard to pick up on & read and with it comes the need for me to write again on said post to clarify what I wrote, I wish the world was full of people that “get me” but they don’t my little idiosyncrasies and my metaphors and similes. Bless my friend Laura as I used to work with her at Sportsworld we reunited with Tom on a Friday that was a chance to catch up with life and relive the “simpler times” but the analogies and similes I used it is hard to ask people to know what I mean, I’m my personal level of kooky and with it comes a “sort of language and knowledge that possibly only 5 people on this earth know”. Not a foreign language but a language that may as well be one for this small number of people that know about it and what I mean, sorry population of the earth! So this is my attempt of trying to flip the page to start again and just hope for a new start, the beginning of a new and more clear era.

"I did not see it... As the door hit me in the arse on the way out. Get it? Arse, ARSEnal"

My first order of business is to discuss the “Wenger Out” talk that two ex work colleagues as well as other “fans” that also support Arsenal seem to be coming out with. Nick & Martin seem to be my  “go-to” for if I had an Arsenal Football Club related question or to push them so say how the feel about a move made in the transfer window or just the general setup relating to Arsenal. I have other friends that support Arsenal but maybe not as close as these two ex work colleagues not that we are close but as close as I get to people I suppose, we’ll talk about my trust issues on another date. The talk of Wenger getting the sack seems ever so stupid and I honestly thought to myself “How do you solve a problem like A.W.?” Then sitting in the car for my mother with my father we got talking and the answer was so evident, either Wenger is a Head Coach or a Director of Football for he can’t do both. What Wenger did for that club seems to have warranted the “Job for Life” tag a manager can get for sustained success and achievement. In  recent years it has been quite tough with talk of them possibly slipping out of the Top 4 in the league, they had this before after the sale of Touré and Adebayor but now it seems ever so likely. When suggested “one or the other” it seemed so obvious but at the time I never thought of it. From now I suppose is a case of “wait, watch, and learn” but the talk of sack Wenger is too stupid, I know frustration is clearly there but to SACK him, hmm.

Well this is my attempt of a “better blog”, I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I tried… Get back to me on the pro’s or con’s.