Is this the year? An expansion team since 2002... Still waiting!

So it’s happened again for the 10th time in franchise history or in recent time at least (5 seasons) and that time came all the expectations and the talk of “they should win their division or at least grab a play-off place” if that little ditty isn’t good enough then the talk came about “they should sneak a playoff place”. For the longest time the Houston Texans have been seen as “at least 1 of the 6 best teams in the AFC“, if so how come they have never reached the play-offs? the story of this quite remarkable team came from the history of the ‘Houston Oilers‘ they were still that name from 1960 up until 1996. In that time the Oilers made the play-offs 15 times (1960, 1961, 1962, 1967, and 1969 in the AFL era and 1978, 1979, 1980, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 in the NFL era). Owner Bud Adams relocated the Houston Oilers to become the Tennessee Titans in 1999 but in between the milestones they were the Tennessee Oilers (1997-98) but nothing happened in that time so lets forget about that as it’s not really important. Even after the move from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee the Titans went on to win 6 play-off berths (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2008) with the fact they won a play-off berth in their first season in Tennessee. The Texans with their first season being in 2002 after long talk of giving the town another team after the Oilers relocated, relocating in America does seem the norm with the only English equivalent being the MK Dons. The reason to relocate could be anything from need of a bigger stadium and no-where in town to plan to the share in the development of the stadium between club and town could not be agreed upon so to relocate to a town that is willing to meet the agreement before planning, I’m sure there are other reasons to relocate but these seem to be the more prominent.

In a very "Manchester United vs. Mercenary City" way the Texans want to be seen as "The Big team in Texas".

The Houston Texans finally had their team but since 2002 they have never seen “post-season football”, the reasons for this are many but the shame is that in recent memory the automatic term when mentioning the Houston Texans is “They’re only 1 more piece of the jigsaw away”. Personally I’m bored of this theory as since 2002 they have not made the play-offs and that means a lot of NFL offseason’s of “They’re only 1 more piece away”, if they don’t make the play-offs I wouldn’t be surprised, if they were to make the playoffs sometime soon I wouldn’t be surprised either as a team that was always “on the bubble of success” I fail to believe the hype. All I will say is a 2011 season where out of the 4 AFC South teams in their division the Indianapolis Colts are having Peyton Manning issues… THE MAN that has been with the Colts for over 10 years (since 1998) and in those 10 years comes the almost automatic “we’re gonna make the playoffs now” situation. A mark of excellence and with it comes annoyance but it is a case of perennial playoffs made, but this season is different as Peyton Manning  has missed the beginning of the NFL for the first time since 6th of September 1998, that is 208 consecutive games, only second to Green Bay’s favourite quarterback *sarcasm detected* Brett Favre, the one everyone says is with no “Pey-Pey” the Colts have lost a “Higher Echelon Quarterback” as well as an Offensive Coordinator. The only way to put into perspective how big a blow it is for the Colts is 32 Teams in the NFL each with 1 quarterback and for 10 years Peyton Manning has been seen as a “top tier quarterback”, him & Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and then the other 30 teams’ quarterbacks… For 10 years! Well the Colts are already 0-2… Only another 14 games :\ Next up you have the Titans, both their quarterback and their head coach were on borrowed time as they never saw eye-to-eye and “it’s one or the other for the door” was always the feel, but funny thing as both went went for the door as their quarterback Vince Young went on to be the #2 QB at the Philadelphia Eagles behind Michael Vick and Jeff Fisher amassing 16 full seasons as Head Coach before he finally sat out a season. So the Titans are a bit of an issue with a new QB Matt Hasselbeck (formerly with the Seattle Seahawks) and a new Head Coach with Mike Munchak. The Jacksonville Jaguars had David Garrard at QB but he wasn’t great but Garrard was released less than a week before the start of the 2011 regular season and he said it wasn’t for monetary reasons but he has to be seen as better than Luke McCown and rookie Blaine Gabbert… Obviously not.

ESPN's Sportscenter asked "Out of all the teams to start 2-0, who do you think is most likely to make the post-season?" I don't overly care any more!

My point is after all this drama if the Houston Texans were EVER to win the division and reach the playoffs it’s this year and if they don’t win it this year I honestly think that they never will. All the other teams wish they had a solid (if they can keep him healthy as well though) quarterback in Matt Schaub, an amazing wide receiver in Andre Johnson, and even if he’s not 100% at the moment last year’s rushing leader Arian Foster but even his #2 RB Ben Tate seems solid, then a great TE in Owen Daniels and the defence is getting better so is this the year? Well I say give this all another 2 months and maybe FINALLY the Texans can say they’ve made a post-season!