Thomas Vincent Court is the winner of the '2011/12 Terry Crews'!

Another weekend but to go to my friend Dan’s this Saturday & Sunday and as “we” all know I’m quite a wuss to horror films and games, yes I can hear about it but to actually sit down and watch a film or play a game is beyond me. If I were to watch a film it would have to be in a house in the morning/afternoon with more than just myself. Now this is where people say “Man Up” but I don’t wanna bring up my humanitarian ways of picking up any spider found indoors and with a flat palm carry it outside, cross the road, find the next green tuft of grass and release it, to have climbed an indoor cliff face, and abseiled down, to have got into a fist fight over my race, to LOVE the television series Entourage (GREATEST BROMANCE EVER! Yes Top Gun, ousted!)… I’m no “Bear Grylls” but cut me SOME SLACK!  My friend Dan had bought the Xbox 360/Playstation 3/PC video game ‘Dead Island‘ (he has a 360 by the by) about a zombie invasion on an island resort. Scary idea for a wuss but I was with my two mates, besides the FIFA 11 32 team Cup Tournament we set up (Damn Tom for winning the “Terry Crews“, we woulda called it ” The Terry Crews Cup”, but too many characters… THE “TERRY CREWS” GETS TO THE POINT!) But this video game if it wasn’t for my friends… I would NEVER have been in the same room as it but in hindsight the laugh we had, to kill a zombie with a lunch cooler… LOL! But on the journey to Dan’s while in Tom’s car, he told me about “Ed Sheeran” and I honestly didn’t know who he was on about, but again in hindsight I’ve YouTubed and Wikipedia’ed and I don’t feel AS BAD but still, I used to LOVE MUSIC enough to teach friends about my admiration of artists/bands… Had the apprentice become the master? I Facebooked Tom my favourite Ed Sheeran song and his brother chimed onto the video post calling Ed Sheeran a “Sell Out”.

But Tom’s brother Sam helped me get motivated for this post and I have to thank him I suppose for it’s a real debate but when I say debate I mean “gross poor labelling of a quite noble act”. The term “Sell Out” for when an artist/band is recognised by a record producer during their normal hum-drum set at a pub or club and with that record producer viewing in the crowd comes a need to sign a record contract to the record label they represent. Normally the record contract has a “poison pill” of a stipulation being that because the label knows what is “radio friendly” that they can tweek with that artist’s work to make sure it makes it onto the radio, and with radio exposure comes the kudos and “All About The Benjamins“. This means the sound that the artist/band was before signing shrinks into nothingness i.e. Pink, she came out RnB because that was the record company’s influence, but then she “reinvented herself” as rock… Was it really a reinvention or was it a record label making Pink into something she wasn’t? She turned to what she knew in the end but still to be something she wasn’t in the first place. You can play the pub scene your WHOLE professional life just tell yourself to not “Sell Out” because you as a performer stand by your values and you don’t want your sound tampered with. The other option is that you could be a pub scene performer but then a record label gives you a lucrative deal to make your music more well known, they won’t tamper at all,  if there is any there would only be a small amount of tampering in fact involved. But people COULD be still label you a “Sell Out”… I think that’s unfair.

You become a musician not to play for peanuts and not to get a “free pint”. METAPHOR, if you have a flower you put it in sunlight you don’t put it in the basement. WITH THAT SAID is Ed Sheeran really a “sell out” or is he just “more known thanks to a record deal”?