L-R: Courtney Cox-Arquette (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), David Schwimmer (Ross), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt Le Blanc (Joey)
That awkward moment when there's nothing on tv and the dependable 'Friends' is only on Comedy Central... Freeview has lost a bit of it's glitter!

Ok so if you seriously are on the inside curve you knew as far back as Wednesday 10th February 2010, I wish I could say “I was in hospital how was I to know?” but that date from whence this is news? 2010 not 2011… Inexcusable :\ So I only found out about it because of a nice lady I knew from college made a Twitter post. But the number of people with a television license & a cable/satellite subscription (or Freeview) screaming “It’s about time”, can you not see the bigger picture? Yes it ate up the schedules of Channel 4 and E4 (E4 in particular) but how many times did viewers turn on the television and say “There’s nowt on, oh ok, Friends is on!”. It finished in 2004 but my goodness the way you’d think it was still on it’s original transmission. To think that as much as it’s so easy to say “Seven years ago, let it go” but lets be honest television at the moment is rubbish so to say although you’d seen the same scene over 10 times and you can quote a line or four let’s not get ahead of ourselves, big shoes to fill for any new programme as even though I’d seen each episode some 6 or 7 times I don’t overly care as it still beats a majority of the “new” television that’s on the tube.

With the fact that Channel 4 and sister channel E4 have decided to finally let go of it comes a feel that yes it frees up space in the schedule for new shows and with new shows and the channels themselves have something to aim for, but is this not a feel of a security blanket yanked away? I have a simile I like using for this situation… “‘Friends’ is  like a hot girl at college, you’re a nerd and she won’t give you the time of day she only likes the badass guy that likes to be wild and free. Then she gets older and life happens and that badass doesn’t look so dependable… He’s probably cheating on her and isn’t very dependable, so what for a woman to do? Get with the nerd from college? Makes sense.”, is Friends that nerd? That dependable thing that when it seems like our televisual lives are crumbling down, it’s dependable? People are generally going about it all wrong! Well either way Comedy Central have come in and so ‘Friends’ will still be on television but I suppose much like how I see Scrubs (Yes people say it went downhill but I can watch the same episode more than twice and not wanna self-harm) I get the feel that it is just a case that people are not looking at the bigger picture. Hopefully I’ll say “‘Friends’ what? This <TBD programme> makes it all so forgettable” I hope that’s it! Otherwise the Freeview in my bedroom is pointless!