Capello: "Frank what I want you to do is go out there and get me a Doner Kebab"

Don’t get me wrong I’ve never really cared much for Frank Lampard, but I’m not a stupid person giving him “Death threats” or “F’in and Blindin’ on the internet anonymously”, I’m just someone that always thought “Why are you lights out for Chelsea, but for England you’re clearly anonymous… That’s an oxymoron“. So if he did amazingly for England I won’t say “why should I care, it’s Lampard”, I’ll just be more reserved about a goal from Frank Lampard than people would think I should be. A bit of a different angle but still relative to how I feel… Wayne Rooney for Manchester United, he’s a fantastic footballer for Manchester United AND for England but what he’s done in his personal life seems to reflect badly for my support to him and what he does on the pitch. He’s done a couple of things a la Lampard and yes with Lampard you could say “You don’t support Chelsea of course you don’t care much for Frank Lampard”, but then I support Manchester United and I still don’t really care much for Wayne Rooney… I’m not bias. I’m happy with what they achieve but don’t expect me to be blinded of the indiscretions! But as a footballer “Lampard can’t play alongside Steven Gerrard”, for nearly ten years this has been the automatic discussion about the England National Football Team, not that they’re bad but their club teams ask of them as well as the players themselves display all of the same characteristics. To ask them to do all the same shiznit they do for their club, if they could do that for their country is borderline insanity as with England playing 4-4-2 and with Lampard and Gerrard in the middle of that midfield four, they’ll maraud forward and so the four defenders behind them are left exposed. So for those ten years England have tried different things… Gerrard to the left (another problem for England, a recognised left sided player, best part of twenty years, even talk of drafting in Frenchman Charles N’Zogbia, but I’ve blogged about it, football to draft in “a foreigner“… Be’ave!), Gerrard or Lampard to think defensively as the other is given a license to maraud forward, etc. etc. etc. You think of it and England have tried it, for ten years England have tried it, no real success you say? Fair enough!

If you ever, EVER, needed a single reason to not believe the hype! Thanks BBC Sport!

Now a new decade comes a new crop of players (well talk of Smalling, Cahill, Walcott, Johnson, Parker, Barry, Downing and Young. Maybe I shouldn’t say new crop, but a crop that a year ago were debatable call-ups. The feel that no position on the team is 100% guaranteed, feels like a new way is all), I shant call it a “Golden Generation” (depressing when it makes Wikipedia)… I think much like any person with more than one brain cell will say if you’ve been burnt once you do EVERYTHING in your power to learn from it and not let it happen again, I never bought into the hype before but I will do everything in my power to not display hype now or to come across as a man that would fan the flames. The situation that arises now is that England played a European Championship Qualifier vs. the MIGHTY Bulgaria (minus the only really noticeable Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, football is the only sport where people don’t bat an eyelid to calling international retirement even though you’re barely 30 years old… Disgusting), in this match Frank Lampard was only used as a substitute on 80 minutes. YES LETS STOP THE WORLD! Lampard didn’t start the match, and the match already at 3-0, with no Gerrard in the squad, think he’s STILL injured *shrugs* it was the first time in nearly a decade that neither player started for England. Now begin the talk of “Are Lampard’s England years numbered?” the same idiots that said “England  are always qualifiers, what’s the point of it?“… European Championship 2008 is the point of it! Just pleeeeeeeeease stop taking everything that happens in football for granted or read too much of a very simple situation? Yes Lampard didn’t start but he’s still a squad player, fan’s and ex players are starting to realise and question “after this new crop, where’s the next crop coming from?” BLOOMIN’ LOVE IT! I don’t wanna come across as this man that knows it all, I really don’t… I can’t believe it’s not butter or know how they do it, but I think Sherlock Holmes said it best (dude’s not real by the way, a fictional character by Arthur Conan Doyle) “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”, if everyone lived this throwaway line in a fictional tale, maybe the world wouldn’t chase shadows. I know it’s not exactly a like-for-like one on detective work one on the likelihood of a great footballing nation but I think you get the gist!  Just take it for what it is and then you’re left with what it is it means you don’t get ahead of yourself.

So Lampard on the bench, it is a SQUAD game after all, yes a TEAM is nice, but a squad is nicer and like that Spain squad, you call it a Spain squad, I still care and follow the national team just don’t feel COMPELLED to watch it is all, the epitome of “there’s more to life”.