Funny how it takes a stroke to wake you up… I know… You don’t wish it but come on… Living for the weekend, NEEDING to go out, to have to always do summat. I’m not a troublemaker or “a guy that hangs out on a street corner or by a convenience shop” I’m not saying that act is bad but just to say that image isn’t amazing. My friend saying about the time that a woman “felt threatened” as he was walking home and she was in front of him and considering it was 11pm at night… Meet my friend that wouldn’t hurt a fly, ok that’s a lie he’s a bloke, he even “had my back in a fight we had in Staines like 3 years ago”… Yes… I got into a fight, but it’s like I know when it’s a joke and I know when it’s not but for this random group to talk about my race on a Friday night out and as a group of workers we just wanna drink… BE’AVE! I think if you can avoid it fighting is stupid, war is stupid BUT I’m no tree-hugger sometimes you need it BUT IF every avenue has been explored then you HAVE TO resort to it, but that “eye for an eye” crap doesn’t fly with me… Last resort! I digress… This lass is all “I feel threatened, mind if you stop so I can walk on”… Nutty! But it’s just the times we live in and the impression we give without even knowing that we’re giving it. The fact Beyoncé is “up the duff“… When I heard that I couldn’t be any more happy for her but why do I care? Seriously is she my sister or summat? I shouldn’t care and no offence to her and I wish her and the baby ALL the best, but a la Big Brother WHY SHOULD I CARE?!?!?!?! You have to live your own freakin’ life, it seems like you’re living your life through them, that’s so depressing. There is a point to all this talk I have… This weekend is the wedding of Kevin Hygate & Hazel Webb… The two people that made my time at Brooklands College a bit more bearable… I wish them all the best and I seriously wish it wasn’t the case… At 25 I’m at the age that people getting married and having babies is actually expected and encouraged, *Shudders*.

I wanna have more of a handle on my life and conduct myself as an adult, you know what I mean, I act like an adult already but to ask older than my age? To act like my age exactly ALL THE TIME? Probably not. I’m working on it though and I honestly think after this book it all changes… Just need the gusto to finish the book methinks :p Nah it’s going alright and I seriously can’t expect too much as lets be honest… Could be just 100 A4 pages of crud and with that comes the “get a job… a real job”, well have to keep grounded methinks but at the same time I have to have ambition… Boston visit? Well all I know is the plan is even if it’s not a critical success I wrote a book, still an accomplishment! But this Bank Holiday Weekend, no better advertisement of my evolution, I was invited out and I said “no”, sounds like a simple thing, but for me it REALLY isn’t, I’m quite the “yes” whore :p Got invited to a dinner, to a gig, to a club, all of them I said thanks but no thanks, just stayed in with my ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ DVD’s, yep, 6 years and still love that action, finally took the plunge and bought those bad boys… I’m saying to myself “Not for more than £10 each”… Restraint… More evidence of my evolution? I’m not a killjoy, or a geek, or a lameo etc. just seriously questioning my actions now. And that Blink 182 song we all know and love ‘Dammit‘… Not so graphic or in that kinda situation BUT it does have THAT line “Well I Guess This Is Growing Up”… Got there in the end but I think I can accept that song, much like I’ve accepted ‘Kreuzberg‘ by Bloc Party these songs seem to just speak to me higher than the lyrics allow or seem to have you think you’re sane… Either/Or.

So at this wedding I shall enjoy myself… Responsibly, and I shall use my hands as you do to make fart noises… I’m growing up, but not too much ey?

ALEX ADEBOYE FINAL THOUGHT: All this talk of maturity… “I’d 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now”… Oldie but a goodie! Yes Arsene Wenger, age is a good thing! How I feel sorry for the supporters of Arsenal Football Club… ‘BBC Children In Need‘ level sorry… No pun intended.