Guess which member of 'The A Team' I was, not racist at all... Punks! :p

You know that age old feeling people have for the weekend, you get the feel that it’s not for anything in particular. It’s not for some big event it’s just because you don’t have to work and sure that’s one way to see the weekend but the other way is to actually get off your bum and do summat! So often people look forward to it for weekend boozing but what do you do when you say you’re EXTRA looking forward to the weekend for the change of scenery, the change of circumstance and OF COURSE the accompaniment you keep for those 3 days? Yes people, the geek is pushing the boat out… Party/Gathering/sober-messy times at a friends’ VERY NICE flat in Limehouse, Londinium, then to go to Brighton, East Sussex with “The A Team”, yes we were the cool work friends of 2006-2009 that formed a jokey “clique” called “The A Team”… We all had the letter “A” in our names… “Daniel”, “Thomas”, and “Alex”… Sounds about alright, right? You mean it doesn’t? I’m crazy? Meh! We made a very high serving (under rewarding) job that bit more bareable… Try being a customer at Sportsworld let alone an employee. The lure of Andy Murray branded tennis rackets don’t do it! Well all I say is “The A Team” has reformed with a vengeance,  yes we’re going to Brighton from Saturday and in going we shall also partake in watch ‘The Inbetweeners – Movie‘, now unless you’ve been living on Mars with your fingers in your ears (thanks for that line ‘The Simpsons‘) you know it’s the story of 4 friends that aren’t “nerdy & geeky” but not “jockish & bullyish”, they’re in fact… “Inbetweeners”. Somewhere in that we fall into, We’re a group of mercenaries before Manchester City were all the rage, but then we’re “The Inbetweeners”. Yes the humour is VERY crude, but for the rationale that the quadruple display it sums up us, FOR THAT and maybe for that alone I personally have ignored the crudeness. I don’t THINK I’m a prude but being sick into a 7 year old’s face, to talk about “The Sleeping Beauty” and to scream out “Bus Wanker“… I’ve never been in or do I WISH TO NEVER BE IN these situations, BUT the stuff that lead up to it and the way that they react as a result of said situation THAT’S what I can empathise with and that’s what I tend to gravitate towards. Much like in ‘Skins‘ that level of crazy at a party… Be’ave, but to empathise with how they feel as a result or a lead up to those situations that’s what pulled me in. I think THE REASON I stopped watching ‘Skins’ is because instead of character progression when you watch it you get into a character in which they last 2 series then much like a “Hitchcock ending” that’s that, no resolution and like a conveyor-belt of time a “New class” has to deal with the same level of crazy, took me a while to learn the formula but prove me wrong that’s NOT it?… That phrase “New faces, same old shiznit”… I know it doesn’t say “shiznit” but I’m not a prude… HONEST! Just needless swearing, never been my bag! Well if my rationale for liking ‘The Inbetweeners‘ or (the first 4 series of) ‘Skins’ offend you lemme know, I’ll know and then I’ll proceed to not care, ready… break!

So the plan is “The Inbetweeners – Movie” in Brighton with “The A Team” but not before going to the gathering/party at my friends Gord & Raj’s, met their other flatmate Andy for the ‘Haye vs. Klitschko‘  fight… Man that fight was dour! Comedian and age-impersonator Kevin Bridges said it on ‘Fighting Talk‘ (I love that show, underrated GOLD! But the 13th August edition in particular) and I’m obviously paraphrasing “If I wanted to see a fight I could have opened the curtains in Glasgow on a Saturday night”, sounds about fair… Sky Box Office mugged us… Not even up while living up north (only joking, that expression, I’m not helping am I?) or while in the middle of the UK Riots… Mugged! Boxing is just a big ol’ muggin’, oh that Robin Hood… Beaten at his own game! Actually, a pirate, I ain’t rich, Robin Hood only stole from the rich… I’m digressing! Well to go to this gathering/party and see the “hefty-lefties” (Sorry Rodz but that term is DYNAMITE!) that I used to play TNF with, another thing on the long list of sporting woes but to have a schedule and have some guys I could joke with to do SUMMAT healthy… Sounds prim and proper! So all of the antics start from 7pm tomorrow as I roll (I gave back the delta frame so I suppose I need to curb that expression) and with a 7pm start comes a trek back to Hanworth that night, sleep off the sober fun (not had a drop since Christmas Day… WINNING!) to then get picked up Saturday morning by the man, the myth, the legend that is Tom, then we shimmy to Chertsey to pick up Dan, then as per agreed by Tom and myself (I’d say Dan et all, but the guy doesn’t live on the internet like the rest of the world, I give him props before I scream out… HOW?!?!?! You sir are a don for that!) on Facebook agreed the first song that must blare from “The A Team mobile” :p Is ‘Road Trippin’‘ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. That song alone between lines 1 and 4 seem to sum up our expedition,

“Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It’s time to leave this town
It’s time to steal away”

Without even trying (from us or the song) it seems to sum up our weekend! So we (Tom & I) suggested we get on top of that song and it’s the automatic first song played by us on this “Road Trip”, back on Sunday for Sunday’s recuperation, not likening myself to the great I’am, just that “Day of Rest” thing seems to hum true! So come the Monday I get back bright and early for more writing, yes the amount to write hasn’t seemed to drop off lately and I’m grateful for that, could have really stopped but haven’t and I could really have been put the book on the backburner but I really haven’t. I’m so grateful friends wanna do stuff and think of me but I’m trying my best to give myself purpose and meaning. Some friends are only free on the time I’ve said “Nope I’m writing” so then I do stuff but otherwise it’s not “Playstation all day, NFL action all night”, I’m trying to keep SOME level of normality, I ain’t no student or jobless, I persevere like I know I can and will. Well away I go to write some more, yep between the book, this blog, my time on Facebook and Twitter as I’m “that guy that saw a funny video or an insightful article”… As it’s raining now, this coming weekend better get.. err… better… YEAH!