At the end of the day this event makes what happens in the film 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' have dramatic upside for humanity!

Well it’s not as regimented as when I was in hospital, I don’t need it to be. But whenever I feel like something is worth writing about I go for it… Like a viking warrior! I said when I feel like something is worth writing about… Erm “s’mores” anyone? Yes this is blog and therefore internet opinion #14,421,926,302 on the UK Riots. What started as a one-off issue on Saturday Night in Tottenham has spread, far and wide in only a matter of three days, a mark of organisation, a mark of planning, a mark of nothing better to do and social networking makes it look organised? What started as a noble act, Mark Duggan gunned down by police, accidental or not doesn’t matter that was the circumstance. So what started off as a peaceful protest has just transformed into riots, isn’t that always the way? Riots always morph from peaceful protest? Call it a “couple from a couple more” but it morphs into something bigger and this isn’t a 1981 Brixton Riot which was in essence over race, this wasn’t the 1985 Broadwater Farm Riot in essence a bigger story of race, this story of Mark Duggan strikes me more and more like a smokescreen… An excuse to riot and in essence loot. You feel like those involved in the rioting were too young to have lived those riots, not directly effected by anyone that was a part of those riots. I’m all for freedom of speech but it needs to be organised and not one to hurt anyone… How liberal of me? It’s a shame that if in fact a way of talking to the government (I don’t think it is but still) it takes something like this for them to listen… That election process clearly showing how awesome it is and this country showing how prosperous it is… SARCASM!

Don’t tar everyone with the same brush, I tweeted as much about rioting after the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, a game my beloved Boston Bruins won 4-0… IN VANCOUVER! Nicely done Bruins… Nicely done. That win sparked rioting in Vancouver by Canuck fans clearly unhappy with the result, Vancouver residents and fans that didn’t condone the rioting even wrote about it on Tumblr and generally the rioting sparked THIS amazing picture which I think sums up “Western Society Rioting”. My mum made a funny comment when I just went downstairs to fetch some strawberries… Yummy strawberries… “How come this country riots whenever the Conservative Party is in power? SO TRUE! But as we all know, as I know, my knowledge of politics is not great and I won’t try to lead you on. I just try to know about the going’s on in the world, to say I know David Cameron’s middle name or how The Metropolitan Police is organised (or disorganised, either/or) is all beyond me, I hope outta choice, just feel like I’d be banging my head against a brick wall to even care, nothing really gets done and I don’t need any more knowledge of stuff you can’t really influence, yep… DEFEATIST!

So this riot has postponed England’s pointless friendly vs. the Netherlands but then I’ve NEVER LIKED that the national team plays before the majority of that team does for their club. I mean bar Manchester United vs. Mercenary City in the Community Shield I don’t think that team has played “meaningful” (and even that is debatable, I mean the Community Shield guys) football, aww well… They’re paid enough, SHADDUP! And the biggest fixture hit by this rioting, you’ll agree with me, West Ham vs. Aldershot Town in the Carling Cup Second Round… I’M DEVASTATED! (I wish I was joking! Up ‘The Shots’! :’D) former Bolton Wanderers striker Dean Holdsworth as their manager…. LURVLY! Well I suppose I can watch ‘Super 8‘ with a clear mind tomorrow (10/8/11)… Unless the riots disrupt Staines Vue :\