I saw two films one after the other folks… Or did I do that with The Matrix: Reloaded? I can’t remember what else I saw, but that rings in my head. I’ll ask my uncle (I’m so cool), but yes I saw not one, but TWO films back-to-back and with not the same friend… SCANDALOUS! I saw the 2:40 of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger‘ with Tom, the man, the myth, the legend, now don’t get me wrong I’ve said that “man, myth, legend” shpeel more than once but unlike “bruv” or “blad” I will NOT say it often, we all know me and how I tend to “stretch the truth”. I appreciate people but will I say “thank you”, nah, I’ll just call you a “don” :p So we saw Captain America and seriously beforehand all I could think was “I hope I don’t keep thinking “It’s Johnny Storm from The Fantastic Four“, I didn’t… NOT EVEN ONCE! Chris Evans MADE ME believe his portryal of Steve Rogers AND Captain America! When you hear that an actor is going to be a superhero I think what a lot don’t “Bar Tony Stark/Iron Man you have to be REALLY good at acting because in essence you’re taking on the roles of two people for the price of one… Tesco must wanna sue!” . Even with this task Chris Evans stomps it and I seriously recommend Captain America for the kinda geek I’am. I love Star Wars but I have friends, I like video games but I have friends and of course I don’t buy comic books but thanks to growing up with X Men and Spiderman I just had to watch the animated television series and that was enough for me. My knowledge of DC and Marvel is at a healthy level, you know… That level that I couldn’t by a comic book, physical evidence of my geekiness, aww come on you sympathise really! So to know about all the superheroes and the story of The Avengers is a nice change of a Nic Cage movie or Colin Firth but I shant cause a fuss if they did the film a dishonour, in which I saw it on the surface, I’m sure there are people out there that scratch and scratch and scratch looking for fault, if that’s you fair play, live and let live. But Captain America is a Summer Blockbuster, it won’t win an Oscar and it’s a Summer Blockbuster so it won’t be comic book accurate, but for what it was… A popcorn movie, I liked it, a lot. People wanna be moved by cinema, if I shared that vision I’d move to… To a rubbish bin… As I vomitted! It passed 2hrs, get over it, and on an Orange Wednesday if SERIOUSLY isn’t a worry if it was bad, in which in my opinion I don’t think it was.

So my other film was ‘H0rrible Bosses‘ I went with my friend Annette at 6:45pm… Twas cool times for she’s such a good friend as I had to look high and low for someone to watch this film with as NONE of my friends wanted to watch it much. After watching it I can see why but again… “For what it was, it had me chuckling a bit”, and Colin “Bad boy-pretty boy” with a balding head and a cocaine addict personality was priceless! The cameo of DonaldJack Bauer is my sonSutherland as the boss and father of incumbent boss played by the same Colin Farrell! Much like Dick van Dyke, who has a bad word to say about Donald fudgin’ Sutherland? Awesome casting! Jennifer Aniston as a “Man Eater” dentist boss, still funny how a guy can moan his boss is pushing sex on him… Guy has morals… TOUCHÉ! And Kevin Spacey sure I don’t love him like I used to, I think twas ever since he started running ‘The Old Vic (nothing to do with the ‘Wueen Vic’ in Eastenders… Just “FYI’ing” that point) something’s changed. So all the bosses check, the employees in Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day bar Jason Sudekis I was up to speed! But after clicking on IMDB I feel kinda rightous as he was in Hall Pass, What Happen’s in Vegas, and Going the Distance! Bar ‘Going the Distance’ I don’t overly care for the films there as not seen any of them but if I were going to… Meh. Now when I told my friends I needed to watch it, how quickly people seemed to say “you’re alright”, but just for Jason Bateman alone (I’M STILL SORE ABOUT ‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT‘… Five years on… Still not cool Fox… STILL NOT COOL!) The backlash STILL apparent as Fox seem to not know how to promote there “quirky shows”. Erm Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is SO underrated I fear on a Summer-to-Summer ratio of it’s survival. When you hear and see plonk like X Factor and Big Brother survive you have to question humanity, this doesn’t push you, it’s just a talent contest, the kind you did at junior school or the kinda karaoke you can find “in your local boozer on a Saturday Night!”… Aww well, someone likes it, live and let live.

So my back to back on films “I must be so lucky to be able to do that”, that’s not it. Films I wanted to watch, but I won’t pay through the nose to do it! They stack up, faster than the cinema on a Wednesday… Those screenings were packed… BOTH OF THEM! So lucky we turned up for each early as it was like a free Justin Bieber concert… “with free tomato on admittance”… Ah well. Roll with those punches Justin Bieber and humanity generally. I have an opinion, it doesn’t mean I think or you should think it matters, much like how I spoke with Tom yesterday, everyone has an opinion and if people take stock in it, so be it, but don’t silence them, just choose not to listen. So sick of people that have this “I don’t like it, they shouldn’t be able to” attitude, erm “freedom of speech” and all that jazz surely? You can choose to just ignore it! I’m doing a great job about avoiding Nicki Minaj, only heard her for the first time like a month ago… WINNING! I think I’ve already blogged about that, but I’m just THAT PLEASED! Scooby Snack PLEASE!