THE horrible thing just happened to me… In just clicking on “Save Draft” it saved the post name but not the post though… REWRITE! Good times… *sarcasm detected*. So where was I and where do I have to regress to in thought for clearly you don’t know what I was thinking, but technically I don’t know what I was thinking half the time… More exciting no? Erm what was it? Oh yeah this is the tweet I read that got this whole ball rolling… Now at what point do you think “Didn’t Blackpool just get relegated?”, but I suppose that’s football for you, it doesn’t wait for no-one and with that comes a demand that people need to see the truth, with the level these guys play at it’s tough to maintain it in a weekend let alone a career. The amount they get and the time that they actually have in the sport I suppose it works out, and the way the sport forget about them after their careers are over, unless they invest or save wisely it goes like water and as a player you may as well get paid while you can because that luxury can stop at ANY point! (injury).

So yes I’m dealing with no real sport, I mean England in the World Cup, does it work out as 8th? Women’s or Men’s, doesn’t matter, 8th is 8th, at best 5th… Whatever! Erm England won the first test vs. India in the test series of cricket that will determine the best test team (statistically) in the world, erm Vettel is coasting the F1 drivers championship, it’s funny as the dude could only manage 5th at the Nürburgring, as we all know that’s the German Grand Prix! But he only had his drivers championship lead dented by 3 points… WINNING! Now of course THE NEWS to me and to be honest the rest of the sporting world can naff off a second… The NFL Lockout is over. New CBA and with it comes an NFL Offseason on Performance Enhancing Drugs, it’s “batton down the hatches” as the league is in a rush to follow the scheduling it had all along, the preseason should commence on 13th August and the season-proper on 8th September with my beloved Green Bay Packers openning proceedings against the 2009 NFL Champion New Orleans Aint’s, did I say “aint’s”? I meant Saints… Freudean slip! WHO DAT?

But the real reason for this blog post, Sky have rights to F1? Ok lets break it down (James Brown) starts in the 2013 season Sky have all the rights, BBC can show highlights and half the races live with “memorable races” live such as Monte Carlo and Silverstone. Well like cricket I think this is yet another sign that Sky is getting too powerful and unless something is changed the average fan will either turn to looting or bank robbery to obtain a subscription. But with the acquisition of cricket it honestly seems to be giving a feel that people are revolting and in saying “this is too much” in came the options of Top Up TV and BT Vision, enough is enough surely? Well time will tell.