Ok guys what’s new in my life, my so-called lifeClaire Danes is gonna sue somebody! I finished my exercise program at Richmond Rehab last week Tuesday (19/7/11) and with it comes “Alex, go find yourself a gym yo!” ok not in so many words but I do have to go and find a gym OR this lack of effort defeats the purpose of rehabilitation. I was thinking Virgin Active in Sunbury with the option of that “multi-purpose” thingy, you know when you can go to any location you want, but in enquiring on a price they offered me as well as the offer of a whiparound tour of the place, but even to get to the place by bus was killer… I don’t know if it was my “condition” or if it was just a trek but… it was a trek, I mean in Superbowl XLIII (for the Roman numeral dyslexic of you that’s Forty Three) and THAT James Harrison 100 yard interception TD AND need for an oxygen (04:35) tank, that has nothing on me! I get there, twas nice being in familiar surroundings but I swear… I like going to the gym with someone. Either I smell, people are busy, people are poor, or I smell but people weren’t too interested in joining a gym with me. It’s a funny one, I don’t need someone to share equipment with me… I’m not that weird, I just like to have a familiar face in the building with me, but alas I must go solo and just “man up”… Yep… “man up” in a gym… Gym Bunny or “Overcompensation”… Nice!

With the walk to the place alone, the £39.50 a month doesn’t help, I don’t think I’m going to join, got referred to one (not Virgin Active) in Teddington by the rehab team in Richmond, suppose that’ll do for £4.50 a go and it goes down in price the more I go, that’ll do. I’ll buy an iP0d Nano so people can leave me the hell alone, and of course download my copy of Running Trax 3, bar the Rocky Balboa: The Best Of Rocky soundtrack I dare the world to gimme an arm wrestle while that’s blaring… Thought not… Punks! So it’s nice… I didn’t die, but it’s lame… I need to join a gym… Bittersweet :p So bar that off to see my bestest friend (well that’s not true, but 1 of 4… THAT’S BIG!) Kyrstie on Friday, off to do a bit of a catchup then meet her twin sister and then knaw some Pizza Hut, I’d say a film afterwards but Liz doesn’t wanna see Horrible Bosses and to be honest my slant on films at the moment is that they are ok for Orange Wednesday, but for full wack they go suck an egg! It sucks mega’s, both the state of 2011 cinema and Orange Wednesdays but it’s a Friday, as four of us (mutual friend Annette be joining on the festivities) but meh… Next Wednesday it is.

I think I’ve written enough, need to go back to the book… You lucky people, you get a reprieve from my random words and phrases! Have an awesome Wednesday and just think, it’s not quite close to this Friday but then it’s not too far from last Monday! Don’t live in the past, but lets look back every now and again and just think… “Oh, ok. That was poo!”, think don’t dwell!