I know where I was, in a parked car as a member of a family that went to Brixton to do it’s “Naija shopping”… i.e. The fish, the meat, etc. stuff that the county of Middlesex will always try to imitate but wishes it could duplicate. Let’s be honest the number of “African and Afro-Caribbean People” in the county let alone to have the shops that would cater for them… Let’s stick with Brixton ey? Ironic as Brixton an influence on Amy Winehouse… You know the type it influences… Pete Doherty etc. so to hear news of Amy Winehouse’s demise as my sister and I followed our parents for the first hour of a two hour jaunt, that second hour I opted to stay in the car… Effort moving if you were “able-bodied”… Plus just lazy. But I digress THE Winehouse is dead yo, as I read it on Twitter in the car I told my sister and she was all “yeah-yeah, but it’s Twitter”, this is true but I read it off the timeline from Tom, a good follow and a real follower of entertainment and entertainment issues, Winehouse’s “situation” was by no means entertainment, but yaknow.

Tom had retweeted news as ya do, I had read it and just screamed “no way!” my sister enquired and we went into how loud I was and why… After saying sorry for it, she wasn’t completely sold on the story but then neither was I fully and then you find out that she had to believe me… Wikipedia had been updated she joked. Then no lie like two hours later on the radio (Magic I think it was) on the drive home you hear about it. I know stories have to be verified before you say it on radio but seriously. If you trust who you’re reading off of Twitter is so much better than television, radio, and newspapers… But only if you trust what you’re reading. I mean Tom only retweeted it off of Ryan Love (Entertainment Reporter for Digital Spy) and he did a retweet of James Saville (News Editor for the Sunday Mirror) so if not true, the s*** REALLY hits the fan for them!

But honestly, the way the world has pulled a 180 on Amy Winehouse is sad and actually quite fake. In my opinion only two good songs (“You Know I’m No Good” and  “Tears Dry on Their Own“) I would say “Rehab” but it was murdered to death and let’s be honest… HELLA IRONIC! And “Valerie“… The Zutons song COVERED by Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse, even more funny as only on the car ride I asked my sister does she even think of The Zutons ORIGINAL version of “Valerie” any more… Freaky! So much like when Ryan Dunn died or Michael Jackson, let’s all pump out every nice thing we can and ignore the bad things! Thinking like Pete Doherty when do you start brickin’ it and think “Living is good, allow drugs”? It’s some really stupid turn of events but that’s the repercussion and if  Petey wants to carry on so be it… If he thinks it’s worth it. I don’t think these people are perfect but drugs have killed them and that drug use was their decision and thus goes my respect. Like they were thinking “I’m exempt of the repercussions”… Of course you are… JOG ON!