So APPARENTLY Blink 182’s latest song, first song in 6 years called ‘Up All Night’ and after a listen or two you start thinking “WTF”… You know the acronym, if you don’t look it up! But yes it’s easy to say “This isn’t the Blink 182 I know and love”, “Why would they do this?”,  but have you taken into account shiznit changes? They’re married with kids, the way they felt at twenty-something has changed, if you want that version of Blink 182 go stick with Cheshire Cat (1994) or Dude Ranch (1997) OR as we all know (only joking, you have lives) the album that made Blink 182 being called Enema of the State (1999) with the iconic single All The Small Things, and that video… TAKE THAT BACKSTREET BOYS!… BANANA! I remember a German Exchange I went on with my secondary school with their album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001), but from their album Blink 182 (2003) I think what made Blink “Blink” had gone. Nothing bad on them just shiznit does change, Blink as a band that sing and write on emotion you can’t ask them to sing and write on how they were ten years ago. Their coming album Neighbourhoods will in my opinion signify the real fans from the fake fans.

Not a football team following “I’m a real fan” way, just I mean those people that say they love Blink but there’s this change and now you can see they don’t, they’ll scream that they’ve “soldout” and that “they need to go back to their roots”. OR is it just success and circumstance has changed? I mean little do most know (I said little do most know, I didn’t say “little does anyone know”, there’s a difference so slow down on the golden sticker chum!) before Blink 182 went on their “indefinite hiatus” in 2005, lead singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge started a side project called Box Car Racer and with it came a debut and really a “one and out” album funnily enough called Box Car Racer (2002). So with Blink lead singer & guitarist as well as Blink 182 drummer, Box Car Racer had their debut single I Feel So and their follow-up single There Is, I had that feeling like the beginning of the end to me. I mean Tom DeLonge wanting to try the music that was darker than Blink 182 would allow, had DeLonge grown up as early as 2002? So all this happened and fan’s still showed support and still loved this incarnation, sure there were mumbles but for what it was, it was awesome and coming from the test that was Box Car Racer (AND Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus features on their track Elevator, a feel that it wasn’t ALL BAD in the Blink camp) came that self-titled album in 2003 and a feel that with the feature of The Cure founder and allstar sad sack Robert Smith on that album’s track All of This, DeLonge was using his voice, that was a euphemism. In DeLonge having this “opinion” and the other two not, the band went on that “indefinite hiatus”… Black Eyed Peas wish they were Blink 182, and thus we’re here in 2011, and the change in the world let alone the change in today’s music makes me say “good luck if you think bands can be cryogenically frozen”… I like rice!