This really has been a real life changer, in more ways than one. I seem to have the same likes and dislikes, I still will never like or vote for the Conservative Party, but my tether seems to have shifted, and I seriously think a bit of the tolerance I had has gone, but then then some of the stupidity I had has gone, I mean I bought one of those shopping trolley token keyrings, I mean would I have done that 8 months ago? (p.s. One the 8th of July, this officially happened 8 months ago). I went to Sainsburys in Kingston last week and overheard a woman, then I was like “THAT’S AN IDEA!”, week later I bought that bad boy, and went to “big Sainsburys” today, I hear a woman ask me for a pound… I snigger, that’s snigger as in laugh, don’t call me racist >.<

So all the places people are inviting me to, I'm so grateful, so so grateful, better than being a recluse, but I have to just grow up. I seem to dismiss night-clubs, I was kinda already going that way anywho, but seriously there now. So my idea of cinema, club music, just not one for night-clubs, a long line to get in, you can't sit down, you have to pay through the nose for a drink, the music is so loud that you can't talk, what's the point? Could go visit my nan for all that! :p

So where I'm not a recluse, my mates live in Limehouse, I can "trek it" and still buy some Peaches… True story! So this weekend is the EFAF (European Federation of American Football) Cup Final between London Blitz and Kragujevac Wild Boars (Serbia), the EFAF is the American Football equivalent of the Europa League, speaking Europa League, been chatting about watching Fulham in it next season, £5 a ticket… YES PLEASE! I digress… So after EFAF Final hijinx, back to my mates' for the Haye vs Klitschko fight, now I'm not a big boxing fan, I'ma "mates over, have a cold one (lemonade), have some pizza, catch the fight", this is two years in the making, Haye already the best British fighter since Lennox Lewis, I mean Matt Skelton and Ordinary (Audley) Harrison are LOL! So this weekend, if the weather let's it be, will be a hoot! Now as much as American Football can happen in the rain (cricket and tennis are nuts!), a bit harsh on the players if MID-GAME the conditions change.

Well away I go to write some more… Later's hero's and heroine's! I like rice!