So I wake up Monday morning to news that River Plate got relegated from the Argentine Primera División, a sign of “no team is untouchable”? I mean Newcastle got relegated from the English Premier League, and yes my friend Anthony said “it’s not the same”, no it’s not, but it DOES say well your team has fans, and income, and players, but much like say Chelsea or Mercenary City (Manchester City), you can’t buy success, you need to win the fixture. So the match that condemned River Plate was a 1-1 draw with National B side Belgrano, Argentina play a relegation/promotion play-off, River Plate had to overturn of 2-0 first leg result, but they couldn’t, drawing with the team that will take their place in the 2011/12 season… But a match in which River Plate “fans” couldn’t let the match finish as the crowd trouble was so bad, the final minute(s) has to be called off as National B was calling and the 1-1 score looked more and more concrete.

What followed made the Vancouver Canucks riot seem like child’s play. Clashes outside the stadium between hardcore fans and helmeted riot police, as helicopters hovered overhead. More than 2,000 police had been deployed before the match, and medical sources report that at least 55 people have been injured. And seriously over sport seems stupid, and kinda sad. I like sports but to pick up a criminal record over it? So with this result I only think you have to control the wild horse, both fans and the management. Just an excuse? I think so! Well with good management River Plate can get back to the Primera División, I mean Newcastle United did it… Crazy owner et all! As bad as it is at River Plate, all hope should not be lost and Marcelo Salas, Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Mascherano, Gonzalo Higuaín, Javier Saviola, Celso Ayala, Mario Yepes and other past River Plate players should rest easy. Well for a year at least!