Is the summer officially upon us? Not the lush weather we’re having, not the fact friends and family are going on holiday, not that you’re starting to see more and more school kids, the films… THE FILMS! I know no-one cares too hard but I’m a geek, I’ll say it, it’s not a bad thing and I’ll never accept it as a bad thing, and if the person really wants to it can mean you can have friends but still like “geeky things”. I have a Glee mug, a know the in’s and out’s of technology, I like episodes of Star Wars AND Star Trek, can actually tell the difference, I’m not very sporty (as in participate), the list goes on and on about how geeky a guy can be, but I’ve NEVER said it’s bad, and I’ll NEVER see it as bad, and I don’t let it stop me gaining friends, me going out, and of course deter which films I get to see in the cinema. I really do have a group of friends for the situation, and for X Men: First Class I’ll say it, I love comic books, but I’m not one for reading them but watched a fair couple of the programmes growing up. Spiderman, Batman, X Men, I don’t dress up like it, or live like them, but I do just think to myself “I know the backgrounds of those characters”, in a film, is that so bad? Thanks to the internet you look on wikipedia and read a bit more about characters or characters that meet characters, and I think this is one of those moments as in watch ‘X Men: First Class’ some of that knowledge came in handy and even though I have a “don’t be a clock hawk” mentality, it’s something to do on a Wednesday surely… Beats knife crime? Then Green Lantern, Transformers, sure that’s not all this summer, I’m such big kid I’m sure.

What else this summer then? :O messages please, I forget :/