So as we know, I’ve steadily fallen out of love with “The Beautiful Game”, traitor, American, Benedict Arnold, ok made the last one up. My point is I’ve heard it all before and you’re possibly right, but can’t we all just either “agree to disagree” or just “live and let live”? I mean I’ve never been a die-hard sports fan, I know a lot about sports, but won’t re-mortgage a property for a ticket, hell even just go with “extra money”, if that makes me a bad person, fine. I just know sports won’t change my life, it can try, but I’m sure it’ll fail. Unless I realise the dream and write about it for an established organisation, why should I let it effect my day-to-day life? And I won’t! I mean those “fans” that love and adore a player even though there’s a bad thing said about them, an affair per-say… SUPERINJUNCTION, or the “fans” that try to get to an opposition dugout and hurt that teams manager, or those “fans” that totalled a Championship team’s home ground’s food kiosk. All I think is “it is just a game, I still have to go to work on Monday, I still have to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Wow, my knowledge and experiences of some guy means I’m the king, whatever!”. Yes football can get two strangers talking, and if you look for it, can display moments of magic, but it is just a sport, I know, I thought it was a gold limo as well *rolls eyes*.

So then I migrate to North American Sports, mainly because I was getting bored or to a point annoyed at football, I know N0rth American sportsmen aren’t any better, but maybe it’s my thirst for knowledge or my need to be different, who knows? All I know is NEVER say “you haven’t done <this>, you’re not a real fan”, I’m not trying to be a real fan, all I can be is me! So if you hadn’t already known, the NFL is on strike, between the owners of the teams and the organisation vs. the players in said league, dubbed as “Billionaires vs. Millionaires”, billed? This isn’t boxing, it’s not foxy, but that does have a ring to it, “Billionaires vs. Millionaires” not “foxy boxing“… That’s already a (very strange) practice. So with this battle in layman’s terms will say how much coin each party gets as the percentages clearly aren’t being agreed on. So this lockout is really the ultimate game of “Chicken“, and this move of a lockout was THE playing card, THE threat, and it’s looking more and more a case and not a threat. Now this is where readers say “wow, the millionaires and billionaires don’t get their money” true, but neither do the ticket kiosk workers, or the kit manufacturers, it’s more than just owners and players.

So with this move never fear, the Stanley Cup in Ice Hockey! It’s ok, you’re not interested in American Football, I’m not deluded, twas joking! But for me, this year I have extra reason to follow the Stanley Cup, as my beloved Boston Bruins are in the Final vs. the Vancouver Canucks, the team many see as THE team of the 2010/11 NHL season vs. the Bruins, I won’t shy away from it, how the Bruins are in the Final is miraculous,  there have been bigger miraculous appearances, but my point is that there have been better teams, but my team in the Final or not… That’s a toughie *sarcasm detected*. The Canucks deserved all the respect this year, until this Final, they’ve done the odd underhanded move that just doesn’t hold them in as high stead with me, and are only spurring me more for a Bruins turnaround and win this series! Anywho I’m officially declining from mentioning a word of NFL until the lockout is resolved as I joked on Twitter, “I won’t be interested in the NFL until the lockout finishes, otherwise it’s like a fat boy talking about getting a “generically named Sub””.  Anywho, after this lockout you have the NBA deal that expires at the end of July. The NHL deal and the MLB deals expire next year, col0ur me bored, but much like watching Eastenders, I shall persevere!