You know when life is just stress-free at the moment? Erm my mum’s birthday in like five days, erm England played vs. Switzerland, I wouldn’t know too much, I well went out to meet a friend and peruse some birthday gifts… PRIORITIES! Ok, not completely outta the woods of “He’s not like your average man”, I thought I could be all “Jack Bauer” and stay up till 4am or maybe later to watch the Stanley Cup then with no sleep go to church with my folks… FAIL! I barely lasted until 2am, went to bed then slept through the alarm to go to church… Colour me hellbound. Well next week is my mum’s b’day, well closer than today, so I just know to DEFINITELY not miss that one! Still need to thank the congregation for all the thoughts and prayers… Well the thoughts and prayers weren’t enough, “we’re” down 2-0 in The Stanley Cup Final… Hmm :/

But yesterday (Saturday) was so cool! Liz is an awesome friend and we acted like twenty-something’s… COFFEE-SHOP! And there was no alcohol, I heard Liz reiterate she hate’s the term “straight-edge”, so I’ll try my best to not shove it down people’s throats, just I really don’t miss it so PLEASE stop inviting me out. I know, a 25 year old without a need to drink… WTF?!?!?!?! I feel like Barney Gumble… Helicopter not included >.< And so another year of "avoid the turd" has concluded, until the next show… Just really don't see anything in it. If I want comedy, I'd watch the auditions, or Eastenders, I don't see the satisfaction, so you all enjoy it, just don't tell me to, can't stand it. All I know is television is getting harder to watch… Yes Playstation, not a slave to it, but really is quite a nice reprieve. I mean check how cool I'am… Playstation 3 welcome back pack, got Playstation Plus… Downloaded Streets of Rage 2… Prime Minister right? SofR on my phone, SofR2 on my PS3… SULTAN!

Ok, I'm off, thanks lovely readers, be cool, I will, listening to 'Otherside' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, nuff said!