So back in bed, since 8:30pm been in bed, was so tired. From a 8:15am appointment, to a 10:30am shift, then from about 12pm to 4pm was resting up in bed as a precaution, back at 7pm, then bed at 8:30pm… ROCK STAR! I’m happy, but I’m not, ya know?

My life can start now, if it hadn’t already, but I mean no need to worry about any new surgery, can just put all this effort into the book, I had been playing some Playstation, now as much as SOME, I shouldn’t have time, maybe just had to get it outta my system, p.s. My priorities do need to change, they weren’t crippling me, just they weren’t too beneficial. So I go in for this angogram at St. Georges, bump into Kerry, my physio in the early stages of The Wolfson, she was working at St. Georges, she said so, and it was really nice as she was really nice, and just to see an old face, you know what I mean, she’s not old, I mean familiar face… Superinjunction? They did the test, apparently on the initial “life-saving procedure”, they scooped out the problem… So all this anxiety for nothing? Hmm. Well can’t happen again, so suppose you have to take the positives. I told my sis, and she said “It’s just your life they’re playing with. They say one thing, then another. Very confusing and emotionally draining”, that about sums this up I’m sure. As I said in my last post, I was getting close to the brink, was kinda looking forward to this procedure to just get SOME answers. With this procedure done in which they basically camera your head from your groin. From your groin to your head… As ya do, and a procedure some 12hrs ago, I can still… Feel. Hopefully gone by the weekend! This nature walk doesn’t seem sensible otherwise :/

So the BIG choice, Champions League Final or this nature walk… Went for the nature walk. I mean I can network AND come on, football just isn’t important to me. I’d be watching it to spend time with my dad, not because I couldn’t live without it, yep, well trying to justify my move, stoopid? I hope Man Utd win, but that match, really such a big deal? I have a life to live! I wish it was a radical change, but I was leaning that way any way. So had my kip, wrote my blog, off to bed… Well sleep? 3am after all.