I’m not a big fan of football, I follow a teams progress, but to live and die football, it’s not me, hand on my heart it never has been. Years of “you have to support your local team”, do I? I don’t and have never been interested in a season ticket, and though it is for some people, it never has been for me. So with this, you have QPR, Queens Park Rangers, a great team, and though detractors say “they bought the players, yes they did, but they didn’t buy the team. You guys that read my blog know what I mean, it’s how I feel for Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc. these are teams that have money, but to have in place a system, a blend, an eye for success, you can’t buy that, a great way of ribbing a team, it’s not a reason for success, I think it’s jealousy more than anything if it goes too far.

So QPR, with some was it seven charges against them, the transfer of Alejandro_Faurlín, you just can’t help but think Carlos Tevez. They’re both Argentinian… Surprise? All this third party ownership, stop it! The western world doesn’t adopt it, so whatever the transfer is, you just have to take that away, it can only get you in trouble. It’s like when American’s “transfer” players… Whatever! QPR on the pitch deserve to go up, but as always it’s a football club, a club means you’re as good as your worst, it’s the whole organisation that takes it, and the owner or the boardroom, if they mess up, the whole organisation messes up, but that doesn’t annoy me. I mean what’s to find something, then to ignore it, that’s disgusting. Without even a ball getting promoted, I want QPR to get relegated from the Premier League, what I want, and what happens is all the difference. But then I know people that are QPR fans, it seems like I’m attacking them, I’m really not. Imagine a life-time as a Man United fan, not some PASSIONATE fan, but I stand by them, but just accept everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can’t have disdain for me, I won’t wish death, I’m just not happy with a decision, don’t take it personally. QPR on the pitch are a great Championship team without a shadow of a doubt, but my opinion means squat, I have no influence, like how Jasper is a Newcastle fan, a big Newcastle fan, but the only reason I liked them was Andy “Special Brew” Carroll and Chris Hughton, they’re not there anymore, and I can’t stand Alan Pardew outside of a MOTD2 incident, so why do I like or put up with them? I don’t. Not believing they’re everything anymore, or not as much, but I simply prefer other teams, that’s all, just an opinion, don’t rob me of that!