It seems like I’m on a drive to annoy, but I’m not. Just all of “this” has taught me life is too short, do what you need to do, so as grateful as I’am for supportive friends, once upon a time I could deal with indecision, and with extremities, and “off the cuff” actions, all in all, yeah, “off the cuff”, that says it. I can’t now, I really can’t. Money is tight and though once upon a time I was like “fudge it”, I have to think about it harder, to an assault course probably isn’t a “tickety-boo” idea. I don’t wanna be forgetten about, but that idea just seemed a bit outlandish, they asked if what it’s like for disabled people, but I won’t beat around the bush, I don’t wanna be seen as disabled. So my balance is really the only worry for me at the moment,  I’m still able to communicate and do basic math and cook and clean, so much like how my mum said on a bus to a stranger “he needs that seat, he’s disabled”, of course I know my friends and family love me, I love them but this is one thing I just never thought about before, “don’t treat a disabled person differently”. I’m not perfect, far from it, but all I ask is don’t treat me differently, I know I’m gonna get flack from friends and family for this post, I mean why post it, talk person-to-person, but then I’m no better than the BBC, to edit something to appease people. This isn’t a dig or a means of being spiteful, it’s just this is the only place I can speak my mind, as we all know, I’m VERY opinionated, not a good thing, not a bad thing, but a thing, with that comes friends and family that may not like the words, but I can’t edit them surely? I’ve promised to my friends and family to not mention a stroke, this is the only place I can really mention it. Silence this, and you’ve silenced me. I could write it in a journal, but then a popular and commercial company can’t see it and offer me a job… Yep! I digress, don’t think I’d be up for that course anywho, £30? Be’ave!

So I did vote today and they have disabled booths? If wonders ever cease. I well “bopped” up and did it without thinking, I can’t say I love the idea of being seen as a normal man, then vote on a disabled booth, ah well, it only a vote right? All this me on Facebook saying people should vote, they should. I don’t agree with war, but one thing it does is give us the freewill to vote, some countries they don’t have that luxury, and that is what it is, a luxury, we should be lucky we can vote, the way you get people that think it’s something that’s a right… Really? Women weren’t all0wed to vote, black people were not allowed to vote, you weren’t learning all that for giggles, it’s for a case of “they didn’t, they did something, they changed something, now they can, if it’s not the way you like it, protest, march, do SOMETHING, peacefully!”. I dunno if it’s because I’m black, but all I know is I owe it not to be so “well it’s always there for me”, I won’t lie, I almost fell into that trap, got out just in time. So people that have to trek to the address on the ballot paper, or have work, or have to take time out to sleep off work, that’s fine, but everything just feels like an excuse. I’m not saying you HAVE to vote yes or no, just vote, and a friend even said it, (paraphrasing) “they died so we had a choice, we don’t HAVE to vote”, you don’t, but you have that choice, if the reason for you not voting is “I can’t be arsed”, what’s that? Voting shouldn’t be a chore, even if “nothing gets done”, you did your bit, you did all you could. Under First Past the Post, people in a very one party constituency actually don’t bother voting as “my vote won’t make a difference”, hopefully this vote can change that.

I don’t think this blog will be all too popular, I’m not aiming for it to be, I just know life is short and you have to do SOMETHING, I’m seriously not trying to hurt people, just think you can only be yourself. Like it or lump it, I won’t be chavvy over it, but seriously, always, you can’t please all the people all the time… Poignant!