You know when you wake up to news and as much as you don’t miss someone, you can’t help but think “wow, things aren’t gonna be the same again”. But seriously, if he had been dead for time and only now the cat is outta the bag, I just dunno. It’s like, now is a time to be on alert more than EVER! and close to 2012… Someone prove it all wrong! I need to write this book yo! On the cusp of something! Oh yeah, I like living… Or something or nothing! I can’t believe it, but I can, but 10 years later, I get a Royal Mail vibe? Better late than never, was starting to kinda forget about it… KINDA. I’m not brain-dead, just other events have happened, all I can think is Osama Bin Laden lost at “Hide and Seek” and paid with his life… C’est la vie. So there’s even a Facebook group up, ‘A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend‘, priceless! I don’t like The Royal Wedding (as if you didn’t already know), and then this death ? Swear it did happen ages ago, I mean seriously, what timing?

It’s a feel that as my knowledge of political figures is not amazing, one thing we can agree on, Obama isn’t as liked as you thought he would be. A scapegoat for a scapegoat? The timing is amazing! After a Royal Wedding and The White House Correspondents Dinner. I hear Donald Trump has been ribbing Obama as clearly Trump is republican, Obama is democrat, to match the Harry Hill phrase… “FIGHT!

Happy he’s dead, but seriously, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think he did it, just easy to say it was. I’m a Brit, so I well don’t care as hard if I WERE American, but meh! They wanna give you hell, take it, no my problem. Well if anything WERE to happen, this opens it up, but meh, just a shame if, IF! All I can hope is I catch the film 2012 before the year 2012, so IF shiznit went down, I can scream irony… As I’m suffering :/