My mum said it wasn’t a real word “doable”, look on the internet, it’s in the dictionary so I just don’t know any more, remember when the dictionary when playing Scrabble was IT, everything else didn’t matter. Well I plan to use it until told otherwise, that’s all I can do! But my goodness, avoiding the Royal Wedding was a weird one, it can be done, but my goodness, half the uproar it got, from tourists and it’s own people, I’ve never really been one for weddings, barely consider mine, why do I care about two people I’ve never met before and have no intention of meeting? They’re not bad people, but just the way the world stopped, fair play, but I won’t! I suffered a stroke and I haven’t stopped, so why should I for a Royal Wedding? So I say to my friends and family I can’t mention this stroke, this blog is the only real place I’ll write, Reckless Abandon, damn good Blink 182 song off ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket‘, not the ‘Reckless Abandon‘ in mind but had a cheeky listen, still as awesome as ever, NEED to listen to it in the summer months, my Christmas song indeed! I digress, yep I return, the master of digression, back to my point, they’re normal people, I’m not female, don’t have an intention of meeting them, they had their coverage on E!, that’s the “coffin corner” for me, I mean seriously, is this the new Posh and Becks, or Elton John and David Furnish, then again, Katie Price and Alex Reid, minus the divorce after of a couple of months, lol! Though, stupid woman! I really don’t do celebrity, I’m the guy that’s on Twitter, but I seriously don’t follow Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Ashton Kutcher, or such, I’ll stick to my Judd Apatow, Tom Crabtree, and LeVar Burton, I’ve always been a non-conformist, can only be myself. Royalty is just born into, you don’t earn it, a Royal Wedding is just two people getting married, what makes them more special than me or you? They’re royalty you say, ok, that must be it!

I went to Costa in Richmond, got a Costa rewards card, sat with my friend Lisa, it was nice. Lisa saw out of the door a man dressed in a coat-tailed jacket and top hat to mark the day, I wore my A-Rod(g) jersey and a Green Bay Packers hat back-to-front as a way to show my support. Now THAT’S something I have no control over, but more passionate than I’ll be for the Royal Wedding, I won’t “poo-poo” it, I really do believe “live and let live”, can only try my best to avoid it, this coffee did that, only saw some 10 total seconds… Score! An interior shot of Westminster Abbey, and a limo convoy, that’s not bad! Could been worse, coulda been a pageboy, I’m not involved, fair play, the way I like it! Don’t you get that feel that you’re intruding on someone’s special day? I didn’t get an invite, so why should I care? I don’t agree with war, and the way this country got involved with Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, you can only think I can’t support a country with flag waving etc. as a result!

So I went to Costa, enjoyed a Caramel Latte, Lisa had a Vanilla Latte, and she decided we went back to her lovely flat and I can say categorically the nicest flat I’ve EVER been to in my 25 years of life! Peter (Lisa’s boyfriend) had a friend over so watched them both play the latest ‘Mortal Kombat‘, now this is where I lose points… I don’t mind watching video games, I rarely feel a NEED to play them. I have my Smackdown vs. Raw, FIFA, and Madden, that’s pretty much me, the rest just to say I’ve tried it, but really isn’t a pressing need. So watched them, they did well, it did get harder, then the talk came out “I wouldn’t want my kids to play this”, yep, talking kids, as you do. Just did it without thinking! Clearly it’s just play it, but know it’s not real, it’s a game, do it in real life, you’ll be arrested, be’ave! AND if people lived “do onto others as if done onto you”, the world would be a better place, aww well! So Peter’s friend had to leave, then we watched a bit of Shrek, surprisingly good and timeless, then saw Peter’s amazing CD and DVD collection, we all talked a bit, then it was getting around dinner and so I went, was SUCH a walk, I’ve been up Leith Hill dang it! But Lisa and Peter are SO cool, it just speaks the truth, wish them ALL the best! It’s funny, all the people I encounter in my life are nice people, can’t fight that! Kicking a cat is wrong! So got to Kingston from Ealing (my friend lives in Northolt don’t ya know?), got quizzed by some random man if I needed my delta-frame… It’s clearly cosmetic :\

Got home, had my fudge flavoured hot chocolate, and went to bed… I live like a boss!