Got Speech and Language tomorrow, off to see Nikki on Wednesday, Physio on Thursday, Coffee Shop/Royal Wedding Avoidance! Never have I ever wanted to avoid something more, what’s the Royal Wedding about? Erm civic power? I dunno, I like rice. So today I went to the park and today officially marks the last day of the Easter holiday, twas nice while it lasted. Have to go to Richmond for Rehab, I’ma out patient don’t ya kn0w? Then though that is at 3pm, more book writing, and of course have Orange Wednesday on err… Wednesday.  Then I wanna see my sister, then I wanna go to Boots, think she said about exfoliate wipes… I mega man up! Then would like to get The Wombats latest album, as well as get Mary Poppins on DVD, an oldie but a goodie!

So then I’m getting a HDMI cable, the one Liz donated is not great for me, it’s double HDMI, I need at least one SCART-HDMI, HDMI-HDMI is like not all televisions in this house are HD, I need a universal changeable head! But Easter is at it’s end, had my Easter eggs, will get some rock bottom as they’re like £1 or less now, Easter was so 14 minutes ago. And to say women love chocolate is an understatement, but what’s an Easter egg in May? LOL! I’ll get a smile I’m sure! But speaking of lasses, officially swearing off them, my Psychologist asked how I was, and I said my priorities have shifted and they had, it’s all VERY a feel of I don’t need added pressure at the moment, now more than ever, I mean to be a lousy boyfriend, not need it, it’s just unwanted added pressure. So day as it comes, focusing on my real first and only love, being music, and The Foo Fighters ‘Wasting Light’ album, it’s so amazingly awesome! Just can’t get my words on it! But Wombats, since their first album ‘A Guide To Love, Loss, & Desperation’ and their one-off single ‘Circuitboard City’, just makes sense! Boots still have that reward card right? Got my HMV one two weeks ago, may as well be rewarded for this simple task no? That time it didn’t act on things, but next time, better than nothing I always say, the reward card does that for your simple shop!

So 00:25 now, turn in, play Playstation tomorrow, STILL no PSN, what’s that about? sure Xbox 360 players are pointing and laughing!