What’s really weird is this coincides with my escalated play in Madden, sounds about right, and did I say coincide? I mean it’s half the reason I bought the dang thing! My mum says I said it at purchase, I plan to play that during it, I don’t remember but the intent is there I’m sure! No better way to say I love The British Monarchy than play as American Football Players, getting the Packers to the Superbowl! Lets make is it the 28th or 29th April? memorable! Actually a tell a lie, my mate has a gig on the 28th April, that’s how I know The Royal Wedding is on the 29th, I SO clued up!

What gets me is I’m not female so I don’t care on fashion, I’m not one to care for the Monarchy, even buying ‘God Save The Queen’ by Sex Pistols in protest! This will cost the country buckets of money, money the country doesn’t have, and we shouldn’t be helping in Libya AT ALL, that’s costing money, and AV voting, is that costing us? It’s a weird one, I’ve grown up! I’ll so love the day I emigrate!