I have been out for a week now, last Monday was my last day and I swear, life’s meant to be easier on discharge, but I went to a book shop, my GPs, the council, GAME, the pharmacists, the bakery, Richmond Rehabilitation, back to The Wolfson, it’s all systems go for me, a lack of neurorehabilitation seems to means “welcome to the real world”, the real world I swear. I keep saying to Nikki the world doesn’t stop spinning, enough said! To even find the time to write this blog, it’s so not happening for me at the moment, so to write my book is really getting stuck. I’ve declared this a day do nothing else but write this book, no television, no video games, nothing, just writing. They do say the hunger to write can waiver, but no excuses, writing this blog, then back to writing, already announced a “hiatus” from Facebook, Twitter is tougher though, can quit Facebook easy, but Twitter is tough, I tweet whatever is on my mind, that really isn’t me to not think, so Twitter is the closest I have to speaking my mind without hurting anyone. People on Facebook say I have too many activities, true, but better to have all these activities than sit in front of Farmville ALL day, small doses is fine, but ALL day? Be’ave. If that makes me lame for bagging on you, sorry, but it’s how I live my life, not bagging on people, finding SOME type of vindication for what I do.

So this is the first day I’ve had goose-egg, nothing I’ve got to do, though I have said I wanna write this book, this blog, as a chief reason for not blogging is to find the time to do it, no better time than the present. I’m kinda upset I’ve been discharged from The Wolfson, I kinda have to take control of my own life, what’s that about? I met some great people, both patient and staff, and to be an Outpatient, I have no real reason to see them again, but that’s life isn’t it, gotta live mine, and I’ve said it’s blog and book writing, though I do have to go into The Wolfson tomorrow to see Nikki and get a DVD I lent someone, and then Thursday is my best friend and my good ex co-worker has invited us both over, so that’ll be golden, I haven’t seen him in like 9 or so months, so we’ll pick up where we left off the band before, psyche, on Guitar Hero: World Tour, I can barely play recorder sir! We’ll talk and joke about stuff as always! We worked a good 3 years at Sportsworld together, so this would be a golden reunion of fun times, and they both brought them, and maybe squeeze in some FIFA, who knows, he’s got an Xbox 360 though, what’s that about?

p.s. Man Utd deserved to lose, the age old problems, not taking their chances, and having a player sent off, we weren’t in a position to win, but that more than anything can cripple you I’m sure. Well done Mercenary City! Now lets go Stoke! Lets do this! But all this equates to either side winning more trophies in the last 5 years than Arsenal… LOL!