So I can’t help but be happy to be away from The Wolfson, but also I don’t half miss it. In “the real world” comes responsibility. I know you can’t shake responsibility, and at one point I did try, but not any more. I’m in the family home but I wanna do my own laundry, you get the idea that my family could help if I let them and what was once a very nice idea, I need to do stuff myself, The Wolfson makes you do these things, something I’ve been shrugging for some time, need to make myself accountable. I had the tools to cope, but didn’t really use them. With my discharge came this resurgence to take control and I had to go to the GP’s today, had to go to the pharmacist’s across the road, had to fill in my own prescription, all stuff that needed to be done but I swear I just had to do it myself, sure my folks can help, but there’s help and there’s doing it for me. Sure this stroke is quite debilitating, but I just think now more than ever, something told me to take control. I don’t want a carer, I don’t think I have any real issues to need one, until they come up, I’m ok, but wow, my first weekend “outside”. What gets me is I’m out, life is meant to be easier… Wrong. Like I said, GP’s, pharmacists, application at Linden Hall, Book Shop, Bakery, Mum and Dad’s, I said to Nikki “the world doesn’t spinning” and it really doesn’t. I was out of this nice bubble and my chief concern being can I find time to do my book, to a life of “wow, what can the doctor do for me and where my prescription, I need to fill what form in?”, it is life though, no rest for the wicked, and I’m pretty wicked/awesome *whispers in his direction* WHAT DO YOU MEAN WICKED AS IN MEAN? PFFT!

So what am I up to this weekend? Watching the FA Cup Semi Final with my dad, haven’t sat down and watched football in peace in tiiiiiiime. Love all the people in The Wolfson, but stop talking and watch football already! So I’ve told my friend Kimmy that I’ll cheer her on at the marathon for ‘The Stroke Association‘, something I could never be in, even before this, not one for long distance, but I’m gonna support her like a good friend should. The moment this stroke happened, all of my senses rose, I’d never heard of the marathon before, but in hindsight I didn’t really see how it applied to me, so I didn’t read too much into it, wished them well, but it didn’t mean much to me. Since this stroke, read and heard a lot about The Stroke Association and Different Strokes, that’s encouraging to say the least, I’m not the only one in this boat. But seriously thank you everyone, even the doctor at Hampton said it, you don’t wish this on anyone, but I’m lucky with everything that happened, not the stroke itself, but the helicopter, the surgical team, the hospital bed, my body, the Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre, I joke saying you never plan a stroke, this has really gone well, and what a time to have it… Fuck you David Cameron and your cuts, I wouldn’t be alive if it was your way… Yep, I swore! So FA Cup and marathon watching, sounds like a weekend planned for me 😀