I well miss The Wolfson, more freedom there than at home. I just don’t miss the feel of “no silence”, bar that, it’s not all bad! On my way to the council and then sort out my Oyster Card, said to my mum she can borrow it, then I don’t have an Oyster Card as I can’t keep tabs which is mine. Just get a new card, I just want a fresh, nothing says fresh start than a new Oyster. Doesn’t belong to anyone but me, no confusion, just register a new one and over my dead body will I lend it. Lending it to people causes confusion.

So the council should get me a house or summat, love my folks but if something was gonna happen, it woulda by now, it didn’t. May as well, just need to put my shiznit somewhere, my room isn’t it. I mean what’s troubles putting my DVDs somewhere? What’s a pile to put clothes? I need a fully functioning wardrobe, a cd holder, all stuff I could coast with before, can’t now, need to have that space, may as well get a house to do it no?