Ok, so I’m officially home, back in my room and thinking, I need to motor on writing. I’ve written a bit, but there’s always more. Today was a nice day though, sent to my best friend’s, played Fifa, erm got him Fight Night: Champion, had nachos and fajitas at his family home, watched Man Utd win vs. Chelsea in the Champions League.

“We” did, and Tom wasn’t happy, Utd probably have to face Schalke now, probably as this isn’t set in stone but after Inter Milan losing 5-2 at home on the first leg, they have to score 3 away goals tomorrow… Schalke as good as through. Tottenham vs. Real Madrid tomorrow, can Spurs turn over a 4-0 result away? Probably not, thinking they’ll be lucky to score 1, let alone 5! Well we’ll see! Got a visit to Nikki at the Wolfson tomorrow but not before a visit at the council for my house/flat, whatever! Just know my room seems ever so small, and I can’t put anything away or think where I put stuff, wither me the scatterbrain, or I can only be so tolerable, well I think a bit of FIFA then sleep, what’s it all about, Alfie?