Ok, so the day is here, I go on home, discharged, away from the “mad house”. Gonna miss the place more than people will know, of course I want my own space from all this, then what? Focusing on the things I won’t miss as this divorce is tougher than people think. Sure allow missing half a year of my life, but until I’m better, I don’t care. All the staff here have been golden, and I’ll try and just do well, if not for myself, but others, I like to think better of stuff I’m sure!

So discharge Monday, Champions League with Tom on Tuesday, visiting Nikki Wednesday, then my sister Thursday? Who knows? It’s nice I’m not just sitting in my arse though. Need to find time to watch ‘Mama Mia’. Exes favourite, but never seen it, let’s go! Thinking it’ll be “summat to do”. Nikki loves it, I was at a BBQ when it was on itv, so makes sense to borrow it and watch it on that. Need to come into The Wolfson on Wednesday to see Nikki, and to just get ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ from Cisse, dude still hasn’t watched it… Hate-crime!

So off I go, off to bed, I think I’ll get a FAB lolly from Tesco. But seriously, everything is everything.