You know last night was the dumb time I thought “let’s blog at 11pm after a busy day of Kimmy and Niall visiting and going to a BBQ in Hersham and seeing college friend’s there”, as I well did a bit of a blog then fell asleep. Not before trying to watch Match of the Day and for only like the 2nd time in my 25 years of life and must be the 2nd since this… Situation, I couldn’t start-then-finish. I joke I live a mastermind life, that “I’ve started so I’ll finish” lifestyle, started Match of the Day, well couldn’t finish. What’s “watched my team, now I’m off to bed”? Dang “douchè! So went to bed, started writing the blog in bed, then went to sleep, hmm, woke up and then submitted the blog…. Random.

So went to read back my work, man it was short, then had to change the publish time to last night as that’s when I wrote it, not an essay, but I started writing it! It went well, got my best (male) friend Tom today, then discharge, this’ll be easy blad! I love time with friends and family, and he’s one helluva friend! So I sit in the patio, I find it hard to write ad again, the sun-glare on this phone, lol! p.s. “The Rapist”… I’ve been warped!