So with all the “shiznit” I had going on, I put my foot down and said I need to just prioritise. A relationship took the bullet, nice but seriously not essential. It was like Vick back in the room, I feel rushed, I make a mistake, not the time for that. But today was a nice day, had Breakfast and Gym Exercise, twas nice, after that, nothing, since when has my Friday finished at 12pm? Twas nice!

Wrote a bit of my book, had supper, then had my chats with a nice volunteer called Georgia, cool Muse fan, and really got head screwed on, great lass, wish her all the best. Had my aunt and my cousins come and visit, it was nice, they weren’t half tired though, only stayed an hour or so, wish them all the best, great family. Nikki watched ‘Mamma Mia’, the film I plan to watch on itv tomorrow, she has the DVD, if it wasn’t for my visiting Aunt, I woulda watched it with her, but not in a “dang it” way, just circumstance. Always choose my aunt over a DVD!

So my discharge Monday, only this weekend, no point going home for it, then Tesco or Sainsburys for an ice lolly… NHS my a**! :p