I can’t even find time to mess around on Facebook. I just need some time, time that isn’t there! My rehabilitation must be complete, this epiphany of “time waits for no-one”. To be a boyfriend, to be a prompt patient to sessions, to have friends visit, to watch football, to write this book, this is nuts. To actually ask to duck out of a Physio session yesterday to write the message in a goodbye card… Wtf? I’m here for Physio! I say to my folks I can’t deal with “off the cuff” at the moment, yet my dad uses my laptop to use his email and he’s asking me on the Pay As Go Vodaphone mobile he has. I haven’t used PAYG in 3 yrs, and haven’t been on Vodaphone in 10 yrs, my dad needs to live his own life. Even my mum is a bit short on his “technological disadvantage”.

So now in the Dining Room with Nikki, and I feel like crap. Don’t wanna hurt her, but prioritising is not my bag, never has been, try to make everyone else happy, that’s no way to live. So done my Physio and OT, need Social Work and SLT now, then watch ‘Defendor’. Have a crush on Kat Dennings but NEVER seen it, Woody Harrelson is nice (not like that), but not the driving force for this passion I have to watch this film. I liked Zombieland and Natural Born Killers, but this film WAS on my “To-Do List” anywho. So sister lends it, still haven’t seen it, so executive decision, it is now. I’ll see you on the other side with a review.

Otherwise, keep smiling folks, I know I’ll try!