You can’t believe it blad! Got that “no sessions, but stuff to do”. Gotta write a message in a Goodbye card, have to look up an email as I have a HMV account, need to actually write my book. It’s non-stop man! I so need to just get my mind off shiznit. The centre has a Dr. in Neurology from St. Georges in, that’s as close to a celebrity I’ve had in forever! Dang my need for celebrity in my life… LOL!

I’m now with Nikki in the big lounge, I have a Physio session in 20 mins, then Goal Planning and Occupational Therapy. Had the Dr’s say they don’t know a why and if it’ll happen again… What’s that? More waiting on stuff no-one knows about… Pleasant! Ok, I’m off, need to mull over my life!