So I’m in Wimbledon, allowed to go to Tesco to buy the shiznit, I detoured to HMV, got the new Pigeon Detectives album. Only so many bands I go out and get their album, The Detectives are one band. Cool or not, I just don’t care! This is my last Goal Planning Meeting, this and then “life”. People think you’re banging down the door wanting to leave, this isn’t it. Outside, I’m responsible for my own actions, it’s quite a daunting thing, I just wanna say that. Had to get to the OT department to get the pass, oh my mum, “you won’t need an Oyster in hospital”… Fail!

Went into Tesco, had to get an assortment of crisps to break the £20 from the Cash Machine that couldn’t submit £5 and £10. I haven’t seen a Cash Machine submit £5 since 1995! With that £20 broken, to put £1 in the trolley as although I don’t have a family and I’m not pregnant, I’ve never thought “get the trolley!”, that was some Buh-Buh Ray Dudley… LOL! NOT planned!

I get the GPM Surprise, then go to HMV, it’s nice to feel normal again. Then I had to get back, if I didn’t, I’d miss a pow-wow with Dr Deshpande, I just say “Dr D” like a child >.< Ok, off I go, you lot be good! X