This is where I collapse into the foetal position. Physio at 9am… *in motion picture stylee, breaks down to his knees and looks up to the sky, and screams “noooooooooooooooo”*, all part of “The greater good” though I suppose. I COULD be all complaining but it’s all rehab, COULD be better timed, but then some other patient has to do Physiotherapy at 9am. Everything has a repercussion. People seem to ignore that. I was telling Nikki on Monday, my afternoon sessions would be someone else’s, but people don’t think of that.

The “team” don’t do this on purpose, they’re busy people doing a job and the only sessioned time they can do is in my timetable. They look at my previous weeks rota, see for example I’m morning loaded, so they put afternoon sessions in instead. I’m most likely not the first patient they schedule for, so they say “ok, what can we do, without stepping on toes?”, it’s a real balancing act!

So it’s 6:05am, think I’m up, need to shower, have Breakfast, have meds, it’s all part of the morning cycle I suppose. Away I goes! Have a goodun folks!